5 Off the Beaten Path Winter Destinations

If all you want for Christmas is a unique and memorable vacation, then check out these off-the-beaten-path destinations; some are obscure and others are just plain original, but all are sure to “wow” you.

Hueco Tanks Vacation

1. Saint Genevieve, Missouri

Celebrate Christmas in Missouri this year! The quaint town of Saint Genevieve lies along the Mississippi River, an hour outside St. Louis. Its French-Canadian roots shine as bright as Christmas lights during the annual “Le Reveillon,” in which locals and tourists pay homage to the town’s 1800s holiday festivities with colonial décor and food. The “French Christmas” is a tried and true hit, and is certainly one of the reasons Saint Genevieve has picked up steam as a great vacation destination.

2. Hueco Tanks, TX

Hueco Tanks is not easy to spot on a map; its western neighbor El Paso steals much of its spotlight. However, any serious rock climber has likely heard of it, as it’s one of the best spots in the world for “bouldering,” or challenging low-mountain climbing. The climbing season stretches from October to March, so winter is the best time to visit. For those who’d rather not boulder but instead study up on the town’s beginnings, which are rich in Native American history, there’s a lot to learn.
5 Off the Beaten Path Winter Destinations - Lake Las Vegas

3. Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, off the beaten path, is a natural beauty, not just bilboards and street lights. In the winter months, Lake Las Vegas is not the choice destination for Nevada tourists; after all, golfers don’t wish to freeze to death playing their favorite sport! However, Lake Las Vegas boasts surprisingly temperate weather all the way up to Christmas, making it a great winter haven for golf lovers. And because the Las Vegas strip tends to dwarf every attraction surrounding it, Lake Las Vegas is delightfully shrouded from the crowds. Consider a Lake Las Vegas rental for your next trip!

4. Grand Targhee, Wyoming

One of Wyoming’s most impressive ski resorts is also somewhat hidden; although it’s a well-known skier’s paradise, you can easily avoid the crowds here. Most tourists gravitate toward easier-to-get-to resorts – Grand Targhee is hours away from the state’s major cities and attractions. With 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, 72 runs, and 500 inches of annual snowfall (no snow-making machine needed here), Grand Targhee is ideal for families, but is still a popular pick among veteran skiers and snowboarders.

5. Red Mountain, British Columbia

While most skiers hit the hill at Whistler, Red Mountain welcomes diehards who endure the nearly three-hour drive from Spokane, Washington to take on straightforward, mostly unkempt runs. While Grand Targhee is a good choice for families, Red Mountain is the pro’s utopia.

Don't pass up Red Mountain vacation rentals and other well-hidden vacation rentals for your next trip! Texas, Missouri, and Las Vegas, off the beaten path, are definitely sights worth seeing.



Photo by Jon and Zac Garret.


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