5 Overlooked Travel Destinations

Sometimes your vacation boils down to: location, location, location! The setting of your vacation will make or break it, so choose wisely! This time around, be different and steer clear of crowded, touristy places like the Florida Keys and Myrtle Beach. Book a one-of-a-kind vacation rental in an overlooked vacation spot and save money while you’re at it.

Here are some of the world’s best-kept travel secrets...5 Overlooked Destinations - Murawi Beach

1. Muriwai Beach in Auckland, New Zealand - The Beach Lover’s Paradise

For a postcard-worthy view of New Zealand’s North Island coast, take a trip to Muriwai Beach. It’s known as the “Island of Seabirds,” because every September to March, it’s one of the few mainlands in the world where gannets (birds with impressive wingspans of two meters) nest. It’s also home to elaborately formed cliff formations. Muriwai Beach is often overshadowed by Auckland’s Piha Beach, so you can expect a peacefully private getaway here. Check out an Aukland rental before you plan your trip to the beach!

2. St. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, Quebec - The Golfer’s Alternative

Just thirty minutes from Quebec City is the chance to play an unusual sport. For golfers tired of the typical green courses who want to indulge in their favorite hobby during the winter months and on, there is snow golf – played through April in the Canadian city of St. Catherine. While snow golf is practiced all over the world, St. Catherine is special because it’s not far from the famed Ice Hotel and of course all the attractions of Quebec City.

3. North Adams, Massachusetts – For Art Lovers

If you’re interested in modern art, then look no further than North Adams, Massachusetts, a tiny town situated between New York and Boston in the Berkshire Mountains. The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art features one of the largest collections of modern art in the world, and you probably haven’t even heard of it!

Glasgow Scotland

4. Nancy, France – The European Vacationer

If you’re hoping to travel to a city in France that’s not Paris, then book a Nancy vacation rental. Nancy once battled Paris as the main center for Art Nouveau. With its unique medieval history, architecture, and sights to see (like the Cathedral of Nancy and the Museum of Art Nouveau), this European city makes for a surprisingly enchanting getaway.

5. Glasgow, Scotland – Welcome Music Buffs

While Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, is well-known, it may be a pleasant surprise to travelers that it’s a great vacation spot for music lovers and fans of new bands like Franz Ferdinand. At George Square, get an inside look at the thriving Glasgow music scene. Though Glasgow is growing in popularity as a top travel destination in the United Kingdom, it may not be on your radar as you plan your overseas vacation.

When you take the time to look at overlooked vacation spots, you end up a winner with lots of spending money to buy as many souveniers as you want!