6 Great Bachelorette Party Getaways

Bachelorette Party GetawaysStaying at home for a bachelorette party is a snore! Take a well-deserved mini-vacation with your girlfriends and kick off the wedding festivities with a bang instead. These bachelorette party getaways will turn a bride and her best pals into rambunctious (or restful) jet-setters.

Let Your Hair Down in Vegas

At a bachelorette party, a bride should feel like she’s getting away with something – so why not get away to Sin City? A little pub crawling and casino action will be remembered and laughed about for years to come. If a good bride doesn’t wish to go bad, though, treat her to a gourmet meal and tickets to Cirque du Soleil. If everyone chips in for a Las Vegas vacation home, a girls’ weekend of gambling, dancing, and general merrymaking will be surprisingly affordable.

Hit the Beach

Make the most of the coast by spending a few days by the sea with your best girlfriends. Gossip and get a tan while the sun melts each and every one of your cares away. What better way to warm up those cold feet than a beachside retreat? Miami Beach condos have hosted some of the greatest bachelorette parties ever, but the only required ingredients for a memorable getaway are sand and surf, so head to the closest shores – whether they’re in California, Texas, Alabama, Mexico, or Maine!

Indulge in Pre-Wedding Pampering

A spa getaway is easy to plan and sure to please the bride and every one of her bridesmaids. Spend just one day at a nearby spa or go all out with an entire weekend at a luxurious resort a state away; nothing calms pre-wedding jitters and stress like a deep-tissue massage or pedicure. An Arizona rental will put you in close proximity to a number of world-renowned spas.

Bachelorette Party Getaway

Taste Some Wine

Wind down with a little help from Napa Valley’s finest wine or hunt down some wineries in your own backyard. Great-tasting vino goes perfectly with a great bachelorette party. Cap off the evening at a five-star restaurant, where everyone can reminisce about the good old times. Add a special touch with a limo tour of the vineyards; that way, the bachelorette party is fun and safe.

Bond with Nature

If the bride is “one of the boys” and would rather watch a football game than get her nails done, consider a bachelorette party set in the Great Outdoors! A Colorado ski trip, exciting escape to Lake Tahoe, or hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains makes a bachelorette party both scenic and bonding. Breckenridge ski in out condos and Tahoe cabin rentals are a few of the many spacious and affordable accommodations to think about when organizing a nature-centric getaway.

Giddy in the City

New York City seems designed for females fleeing chores, worries, and obligations from back home. Before walking down the aisle, stroll down 5th Avenue in some stylish flats and happily loosen your purse strings for a new accessory or three. When the sun sets, enjoy each other’s company with dinner and a Broadway or stand-up comedy show! Don’t forget to settle down for the night in a big, perk-filled house rental, rather than multiple overpriced hotel rooms. If the Big Apple is too far away or too unfriendly to your budget, plan a trip to another attraction-filled metropolis, like Chicago or Dallas.

Remember, bachelorette party getaways should reflect the bride’s personal style and make sense for everyone’s budget. With large group rentals, it’s easy and inexpensive to get away to just about anywhere – so don’t restrict yourselves to your hometown!