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RSS (known as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feeds are a better way to notify you of new vacation rental properties.

How Does It Work?

You’re probably used to receiving news via your email box, but RSS works differently. When you subscribe to a website’s RSS feed, news is delivered to you online through an RSS reader.  An RSS reader is online software that allows you receive updates and news from many different websites in one, central organized place.

What Does It Cost?

An online RSS reader and VacationRentals.com RSS feeds are FREE.

How to Get Started:

#1 Select the RSS reader you like the best.

Most popular RSS readers are BlogLines, Firefox RSS Reader , Google Reader, Yahoo RSS Reader.

#2 Subscribe to VacationRentals.com RSS feeds.

On the top right of every search results page, look for the little orange and grey button that says “RSS Feed”.

The RSS Feed “button” will look like this:    Vacation Rentals RSS

Click on the RSS button and indicate how you prefer to subscribe to the feed.

RSS feed

#3  Open your RSS Reader to browse the latest updates

After you’ve subscribed to the VacationRentals.com RSS feeds, simply open your RSS Reader when it’s convenient and check out the latest property updates. Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger.  The RSS Reader automatically delivers updates and there are no annoying banners to interrupt your online experience!

The RSS reader will only show the headline of the listing and the main property photo.  If you’re interested in learning more details about the vacation home, you can click through to the listing on the VacationRentals.com website.