Affordable Beach Vacations

affordable beach vacationsThere are so many affordable beach vacations available on Vacation, that it would take days to browse all of them! Below is a list of the best, most affordable beach vacation rentals for your consideration, and your pocketbook!

Kauai Island

Kapa’a, Hawaii is a charming, nearly enclosed resort area on Kauai Island that offers an array of activities for families and singles. There you will find Coconut Marketplace, which includes open air restaurants where birds fly throughout the restaurant as you eat a meal, and a heavy aroma of gardenia and hibiscus plants lingers in the breeze. The marketplace also offers various shops and boutiques, and centers to develop film instantly. Affordable beach vacations in Kapa’a are such a bargain that anyone could afford to luxuriate in a private condo or beach cottage. The gorgeous beaches in and around Kapa’a are safe and clear for snorkeling, swimming, and watching sailors pass by.

Another wonderful option on Kauai Island is Lihue, the city where the airport is located. This is a great choice for people who like to go out at night, swim and play with seals by the day, and who would like to hike the tallest peak on the island where it rains 360 days a year for a cool down. From atop the tallest peak, visitors can see every beach on the island, depending upon the changeable weather up there, of course! Affordable beach vacations are also available on Hawaii’s other islands, including the black sand beaches of Maui. So if you would enjoy sampling some local Hawaiian cuisine, that may or may not be Spam products, consider visiting Hawaii, and saving a lot of money, too!

The Caribbean

If you are interested in a more exotic destination for your affordable beach vacations, Vacation includes far-flung options like the Caribbean. An abundance of beach listings for the Bahamas, Barbados, and St. Martin offer deep discounts that anyone can reserve, and enjoy this summer! Choices including Jacuzzis, pier access, total privacy, and accommodations for individuals and large groups, too, are available for this very summer. Booking in advance for your affordable beach vacations will give you the opportunity to shop for cheap airfare and save lots of cash on your rental.

affordable beach vacationFor the most adventuresome of people there are even more options in the Caribbean, like the Dominican Republic, which sometimes features accommodations for as little as $55 a night! Affordable beach vacations in the Dominican Republic will ensure you an opportunity to work on your tan, but also to enjoy an unfamiliar culture, and to explore an island that features natural beauty unparalleled by other islands, because of its rustic, exotic flavor. Spicy foods, diverse and well-educated locals, and tropical scenery are just some of the benefits of booking affordable beach vacations in the Dominican Republic, and as an added bonus, the super-low cost of staying on this island will save you even more money.

America's Coast

Of course, not everyone wants to travel to foreign countries when their intention is to relax, lay-back, and enjoy the simplicity of gulls over the horizon. For people who prefer to stay stateside, and be understood by the locals in their own language, there’s another rarely considered option for affordable beach vacations. Galveston, Texas, for example, is a breath of fresh air for people who would like to experience a calm, southern hospitality, and large portions of home cooking on their retreats from daily life. Affordable beach vacations in Galveston, Texas can start as low as $60 per night, but the value of allowing yourself to feel at home on vacation is priceless! As well, consider your US options in Florida, the Outer Banks, and more!

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