April Family Vacations

Nothing feels better after winter than the warmth of spring. For most people, they long for the thawing of winter for months, just waiting for the break of a new season. Depending on where you live, spring might not even show up during that first month of March. Many times, though, once April commences and folks begin to pack away their thick winter coats, the rush of springtime lands on your doorstep and you are ready to get out of winter hibernation and into the swing of spring.

april family vacations

The Lowdown

The icicles have melted, there are no more snowmen to build, and your family is long overdue for a nice, sunny getaway. It may seem like a challenge to organize a trip which can make your entire family happy, but it will be well worth it. After all, you deserve a trip after the months you spent bundled up on a couch, next to a fire, keeping warm. Now is the perfect time to grab some light clothing and stretch out together.

With the kids on a spring break from school and you finally being able to take time away from your already busy schedule, you can be sure that you’ll feel great about finally planning a trip that your whole family will love. Below are just some of the fantastic ideas for April Family Vacations. Whether you’re looking for a short trip in the car or you have the desire to take the family elsewhere to experience new things, you will be sure to see something that suits your family’s needs and budget.

Beach towns are great for April family vacations. Brush the winter cold off by hitting a warm location that is perfect in April. The memories you create with your family in areas like Texas and Orlando can stay with your children and you for generations to come. If you are looking for a place on the coast of Virginia, you won’t be sorry.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach areas are fast becoming something of a go-to destination for families just like yours. Your April family vacation deserves a little bit of everything. What with the planning that goes into a spring trip like this and the short amount of time you may have with your family, you want to be sure to go to a place that includes everything that you and your family are looking for.

If the kids want to play in the sun and sand, you want to relax with a book, and your spouse wants to barbecue, you don’t have to look any further. Virginia has it all. Remember that if you are seeking a place that will stimulate your family’s minds with a bit of history and culture, you can find it all in a place like Virginia. Historically rich, Virginia boasts some of the most educational walks through the towns and down the streets.

april family vacations

Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas is a great location in April. You can spend your days at the beach enjoying the sand and the surf. Corpus Christi, Texas is a popular location. One beach you should check out is the Padre Island National Seashore, a 70-mile stretch of white sands with scenic dunes and warm ocean water. Here you can swim, fish, search for seashells, go windsurfing, and more. Also nearby is the Texas State Aquarium, where you can get a close look at life found in the Gulf of Mexico. There is even a swamp with an alligator. Another great attraction is the Heritage Park and Cultural Center. Here you can take a tour of restored homes of the founders of Corpus Christi.


The options for your April family vacations are endless. Start looking now!