Best Bass Fishing Trips

Bass FishingDepending on your style, the world’s best bass fishing trips could be on Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan, Lake Guntersville in Alabama, or even in South America. The abundance of various kinds of bass in rivers, lakes, and oceans afford many options for a bass fishing vacation, making your quest to catch “the big one” the prefect family retreat.

Northern Fishing

Bass fishing is taken seriously on the Great Lakes, where anglers take advantage of year-round abundance. Both sport and recreational fishing are popular. Michigan’s “Bass Opener” is one of the best-attended fishing events in North America. Nova Scotia and spots near Niagara Falls are also popular, although fishermen should be aware of which holes require Canadian and U.S. licenses. Bass fishing is even a great option near New England, with popular spots outside Massachusetts and New Jersey. A bass fishing trip is always more fun with family or friends, and with all the great spots in the north, groups have plenty of entertainment options. Hiking, nature exploring, and beach games are great activities for all ages.

The Deep South

Bass fishing is a source of pride for the South, and for good reason. Alabama, Florida, and Texas are home to abundant bass fish, which extend up the coast to Georgia and North Carolina. Kids take their first crack at bass fishing in mild conditions or simply enjoy the sunny weather and sandy beaches of the South. Anglers will love exploring rivers, lakes, deltas, and oceans rife with bass, and everyone can appreciate a good home-cooked bass meal in the kitchen of your own vacation rental.

Mexico and South America

For more exotic adventures, think even further south. Pockets of the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico hold some of the best lakes in the world for snagging larger-than-life bass, while Chile and Brazil offer coveted spots for peacock bass. Choosing an experienced, native guide on your bass fishing trip can help you find the sweet spots. Even if your family cares only for eating your catch, chances are they’ll be thoroughly entertained by the beaches, sunsets, and cultural adventures of Mexico and South America.

Bass Fishing Vacation


California is host to a number of bass fish varieties, including largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. Anglers can find great spots in lakes, reservoirs, and private ponds in Northern California, or check the tributaries leading into lakes in the central part of the state for potential hot spots. Even Southern California has its share of bass-filled lakes. A whole host of recreation activities accompany bass fishing trips in California, making the state an appealing place to bring families or friends with diverse interests. Hiking, climbing, and urban adventures can add spice to a rustic bass fishing trip, giving everyone stories to tell over dinner at your vacation home.

Going on a Budget

The best bass fishing trips aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Families can save money in several small ways without missing any big moments. Finding a spot within driving distance is a good place to start. Borrowing a boat from a friend or making it a group trip is another way to save on rental costs. A spacious vacation rental or beach house from can let everyone stay in the same place without the impersonal atmosphere of a hotel. With all the amenities of home, you can even enjoy the conveniences of a kitchen, laundry, and other extras that make a vacation rental so valuable. No matter where you decide to pursue your fishing adventures, can help you find the perfect vacation home for one of the best bass fishing trips ever.

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