Best Carry On Luggage

best carry on luggageTraveling is a fun, exciting experience, but maybe not so much when you have poor quality luggage. It can be very embarrassing to have your luggage crumble to pieces in the airport as you are checking it in. It can also be annoying when you're trying to fit four days worth of clothes into luggage that's meant only for toiletries or dainty items. For the big items, you need large luggage, but for the smaller items that go on the plane with you, investing in the best carry on luggage for those things will do a better job.

When you place your luggage on the top rack of the plane, you are trusting it to be there until you arrive at your destination. Sometimes, luggage shifts and moves around a lot with the motion of the plane. This is normal. To keep it in place you may try anchoring it with hooks or ropes. The best carry on luggage that you can get for your needs should be sturdy enough to move around without falling over or out of the overhead compartment.

Distance Traveling and Security

Traveling for long distances will have you touting several pieces of luggage. Each piece of luggage has its own purpose and should be used for their primary reasons. When you are traveling through airport security, or when your bags are being checked, you can avoid any problems by using each luggage item for their purpose. Airport security is very strict and often randomly checks bags to ensure airport safety.

While traveling, a person should always ensure that their name and contact information is located somewhere on the luggage in case the item is lost. Airports don't always ship the luggage to their correct destinations, but if the luggage has the owner's information attached to it, there's a chance that it can be returned to its owner. There should be several places on a good piece of luggage where you can either attach or write in your contact information.

Organizing for Trips

To organize your wardrobe and accessories for trips, use your carry on luggage to hold items that you don't want getting lost. This includes jewelry, any small bathroom toiletries (expensive perfumes, lotions, etc.) or anything valuable that you don't want stowed away in the plane's underneath compartment. Although airport personnel do their best, carry on luggage does a better job in helping the passenger feel comfortable in knowing where their valuable items are located.

Carry on luggage for small items fits better into the overhead compartments than bulkier luggage. Use luggage pieces that are either boxed or squared for a better fit. Small, pliable luggage can become a problem if the contents are crushed or damaged.

Luggage Style

Your best carry on luggage should be reflective of your style and distinctive personality. Since it will be in your possession most of the time, it doesn't hurt if the luggage is both functional and looks good. Several luggage design manufacturers like Samsonite and Louis Vuitton make luggage that is visually appealing and highly functional.

Things to check for in sturdy, well-made luggage include solid closures and fasteners, sturdy zippers and pockets and places for small items. The more things you can get into your luggage, the more you will enjoy and get full use from it. Good carry on luggage is the same way, but the best carry on luggage will do all of those things and transfer to a quick overnight bag whenever you need one. This multi-function feature of any luggage item is what appeals to buyers. Having more than one function increases a person's enjoyment of the luggage and their frequency of use with the item.

Once you've touched down, hopefully you'll be headed to a spacious vacation rental that can easily accommodate you and your luggage.

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