Best Romance Getaways

When you need to reconnect with your sweetheart, the best way to strengthen your relationship is with romance getaways. It's hard to feel connected when kids, jobs, and daily stress pull you both in separate directions. If by the end of the day, you're both exhausted and don't even have time to chat about your day, then a romance getaway might be just what you need to feel close to your significant other.

best romance getaways

Go Abroad

Nothing will make you closer than exploring a new country together. You may not understand the language, but you'll have fun learning about the culture and seeing the sights together. Venice, Italy, is a spectacular city with history and architecture. Head to Basilica di San Marco, the Grand Canal, or Doge's Palace.

Paris, France, is the quintessential romance getaway location. Anyone who enjoys amazing cuisine, historical locations, and significant art will love exploring Paris. At the end of the day, head back to your vacation rental apartment and feel like a real Parisian instead of a tourist in one of the overcrowded hotels.

If you're looking for more Spanish persuasion on your trip, plan your romance getaway to Barcelona, Spain, where you'll find apartments for rent right in the city. You'll enjoy visiting the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, the Picasso Museum, or one of seven beaches. What a great way to combine history with some sun and surf!

Head for Seclusion

Of course, the hustle and bustle of the city isn't for everyone. If you want more privacy on romance getaways, then the best way to find it is by looking for a vacation rental in the middle of nowhere. If you plan on staying inside to spend some alone time with your honey, a secluded retreat will not only give you solitude, but you might save money by booking a vacation rental that is in its off season. Vacation rentals are the best option for romance getaways because you won't find seclusion or privacy being surrounded by other guests in a hotel.

Locations for private vacation rentals could be in the mountains of Colorado, such as Pagosa Springs or Dillon, or it could be in the east such as at Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania or Hunter Mountain, New York. Another great way to find seclusion, while still having some fun, would be to head to the mountains in the winter for some skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Breckenridge, Colorado is a popular spot or head a little west to Park City, Utah.

best romance getaways

Find Some Sun

For those wanting to escape the cold, a romance getaway at a beach location with some sun is just perfect. Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is a wonderful spot found on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula where the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean and the calm waters of the Sea of Cortes meet. You'll have fun swimming at the Playa del Amor or surfing at Playa Costa Azul. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a great location in the winter. This tropical location has amazing deals on vacation rentals, and you'll feel closer to your sweetheart than ever before. Other popular beach romance getaways include Oahu, Hawaii; Destin, Florida (and really, anywhere along the Florida coast); Orange Beach, Alabama; and South Padre Island, Texas.

Whether you're looking for sun, culture, or seclusion, you're sure to find the perfect vacation rental that will make your romance getaway just perfect. With vacation rentals, you'll have room to spread out, a kitchen where you can make your own meals (or even just dessert), and a private bedroom. Look for vacation rentals that have extras such as a pool, hot tub, HDTVs, and more!

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