Best Senior Citizens Vacations

When it comes to your retirement years, what's the point of having the time to relax if you aren't able to enjoy it with some senior citizens vacations? As you start to plan your senior citizens vacation, the first thing you'll want to consider is what your favorite activities are. This can vary widely depending on the person. Some love relaxing and enjoying their favorite sport while others want their vacations to focus on visiting family. When planning out your vacation, be sure to keep vacation rentals in mind. These rentals provide a kitchen and living areas, which will save you money by allowing you to cook right in your rental. It's also helpful if you are on a special diet so you don't have to worry about finding restaurants that can cook to your specific needs.

So here are some ideas for the best senior citizens vacations:

senior citizens vacations


The best senior citizens vacations include a round of golf! It's perfect for the couple looking to spend some time together doing something active. When it comes to golf, you can pretty much travel anywhere because golf courses are located all over. Many golf courses have discounts for seniors, which will save you money on your tee time, and many include golf carts, which is convenient if you don't feel like walking all day. Palm Springs is a popular destination for golf, especially in the winter. With so many golf courses in one area, you'll be able to test your skills on many courses. It's a perfect location for those who enjoy golf.


The beach is another popular location for a senior citizens vacation. A beach vacation is very relaxing and can be a great opportunity to get away and have some fun. When planning a beach vacation, be sure to look for family friendly beaches. You'll be able to avoid rowdy partiers and spring breakers by heading to a beach that is known for catering to families. Myrtle Beach State Park is a great beach location that provides lifeguards during the summer, a pier for fishing, restrooms, and an area to rinse the sand off. Just realize that no alcohol is allowed on this beach. Orange Beach, Alabama and Destin, Florida are other popular beach destinations on the East Coast while Coronado Beach in San Diego is a great place to go on the West Coast.

Spending Time with the Grandkids

One of the great perks of being retired and having time for a senior citizens vacation is being able to spend time with your children and grandchildren. Many grandparents are looking for a way to become closer to their grandkids before they're all grown up. What better way to spend your time than inviting your grandchildren on a special trip just for them? Find a fun location, rent out a vacation rental, and request that the grandchildren come join you for a week of fun and bonding time. Kids will have fun no matter what as long as there is water, so the best locations are near lakes or the ocean. With water activities during the day and games or puzzles at night, you're sure to feel like you know your grandchildren better than you ever have. Besides the beach locations mentioned above, other locations to consider would include Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border, Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, Lake Havasu in Arizona, or the Finger Lakes in New York.

No matter where you decide to go on vacation, you'll have comfortable accommodations with vacation rentals. With so much free time, be sure to plan memorable senior citizens vacations during your retirement years.

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