Best Vacation Spots In July

At the apex of summer, vacationers seek to find the best vacation spots in July. Looking near and far, a perfect getaway is close at hand.

Alaska Vacation


One of the best vacation spots in July is Alaska. With more coast than any other state, cooler temps to give relief from the heat, and more hours of daylight--19 total-- to play in, Alaska offers good times as well. The much anticipated, family-oriented Midnight Sun Festival occurs yearly to celebrate the long light of day. With features like Family Fun Day, the Teddy Bear Picnic, a Classic car Show and the Slippery Salmon Olympics, a good time is a sure thing. View mountain scenery above lush green fields at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where Bull Moose, Wood Bison, Brown Bears, Caribou, Sitka Black Tail Deer, Bald Eagles and the occasional Lynx are seen.

New England

At the other end of the nation lies more of the best vacation spots in July, the northeastern United States. Scenic ocean beaches, mountain views, and quaint villages and towns where lobster and clams abound make for a great way to spend a vacation. Visit Nantasket Beach, located in Hull, Massachusetts, and soak up the sun on light, gray sand in between visiting the acres of tide pools that are teeming with marine life. In York Massachusetts, spend the day at York's Wild Kingdom viewing rare wildlife, such as the white Bengal tiger, or riding family rides, paddling paddle boats, playing mini-golf, petting animals in the petting zoo or picnicking on the picnic grounds.

Best Vacation Spots in July


Tropical locations are often some of the best vacation spots in July. Tahiti, for example, is beautiful and temperate all year long. Quiet, small villages along miles of pristine, white-sand beaches, provide tourists with serenity and seclusion. Warm turquoise waters under brilliant blue skies with a back drop of lush hillsides can refresh any weary soul. Spend a day diving the large coral reefs surrounding the islands watching parrot fish, puffer fish, trigger fish, unicorn fish, and eels in their native environment. A day spent kayaking, canoeing, skiing, para-sailing, fishing or walking undersea, known as AquaBlue, will create unforgettable memories.

The Caribbean

Warm, sunny days dominate Curacao's plethora of small, secluded beaches that are perfect for travelers longing for peace and quiet. Hike over volcanic rocks to Boca Table, where the sea has carved limestone caves, or spend an afternoon strolling through Curacao Seaquarium where observation, information and interaction combine for a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Feeding shows and sea lion and dolphin demonstrations would make this experience unique, but the animal encounters take it over the top. Visitors can hand feed stingrays, turtles, sharks and other fish for a truly memorable experience.

Aruba makes for one of the best vacation spots in July because it's much less prone to tropical activity and its semi-arid topography and geological formations offer a wealth of activities. Go spelunking in Gudirikiri cave where the sun filters in to illuminate long tunnels, narrow passages and mysterious formations. Underneath the harmless bats lining the ceiling are ancient drawings by the Arawak Indians, the indigenous people of the island. Take in shipwrecks by diving to and through them. The Antilla wreck, a German freighter that sunk in 1945, is perfect for night-diving, the nocturnal lobster and giant sponge tubes are better viewed at night. Take a horseback island tour by Rancho Diamari or Rancho Notorious and see the cunucu, or back country, the coast, and the Natural Pool, a calm water pool formed by natural rock formations that protect the pool from the beating waves on the other side.

After looking at the best vacation spots for July, the only thing left to do is book that trip!

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