Biking Vacation Ideas

Biking VacationsAre you considering a biking vacation? Do you prefer a trip that will challenge your muscles, keep your body as active as your brain as you ride past the scenery, the culture, and the geographic wonders? Check out these biking vacations that are worthy of sore legs and then book a vacation rental suited precisely to your needs from so you have a comfortable place to relax at night after days filled to the brim with new sights, sounds, and muscle ability on your exciting biking vacation.

Outdoor Adventure Biking Vacation Ideas

Southwestern desert is beautiful and is accessible for roughly three fourths of the year. Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks offer some of the most awe-inspiring natural splendor as well as thrill inducing bike trails in the country. Red and orange stone paths are yours alone except for your traveling companions, and the sound of your tires on the rocks. Race your adrenaline down the canyon sides and watch the skies turn the color of the surrounding earth as sun sets on each glorious day of your biking vacation.

At Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, you can bike into true wilderness. Some of the park you have to explore on foot, but many biking trails exist that will take you into range of glaciers, mountains, lakes, and forests. Bike along Firehole River in Yellowstone and you just might see a moose, beaver, or buffalo in this wildlife rich park.

Wherever you decide to park your gear and rest your head during your adventurous biking vacation, you’re sure to find suitable lodgings at You can choose the perfect rental for your needs, most of which come with a ready to use kitchen so you can keep your healthy lifestyle going and save money by cooking your own meals instead of eating at restaurants that use lots of fats and sugars, and are often overpriced. With home cooked meals in your vacation rental you can eat well and keep your body fueled for your outdoor biking vacation.

Seaside Biking Vacation Ideas

Biking vacations are not just for the super athletic. Acadia National Park is a great place to discover from the seat of a bicycle. Keep a leisurely pace as you ride the coastline in the salty breeze, mountains, and meadows full of flowers in view. Continue your ride past quaint oceanside villages that have a slower pace than major cities and a New England charm. Peek in antique shops or stop for a bite and then hop back on your bike for more coastal sightseeing in Maine.

Biking VacationLos Angeles offers several beautiful bike paths along the water, including the Long Beach and the South Bay bike trails. Warm air and interesting people make these beachfront paths great for sightseeing, enjoying the sun on your skin, and seeing the California coast. Oregon and Florida also have seaside biking trails that are stunning in their landscapes and easy on the legs. Take leisurely rides along some of America’s prettiest coastlines, and stay the nights in an easy to customize vacation rental to make your biking vacation even better.

Canadian Biking Vacation Ideas

Vancouver is one of the most bike friendly places in the world. Interconnected cycling pathways wind through the city and give newcomers views of Vancouver’s lush parks, sparkling ocean and urban gardens. Visit Stanley Park’s paved seawall bike path that offers tremendous mountain and ocean views. A ride here provides a chance to ride past totem poles and under the Lion’s Gate Bridge and end up at English Bay where you can have a lovely picnic.

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