Carnaval Vacation Deals

carnaval 2010This isn't your local summer fair.

Carnaval is a vibrant celebration, filled with color, great food, parades, musical performances and out of this world entertainment. You'll find Carnaval celebrations scattered around the world, but primarily in Caribbean, European, and Latin American countries. Be prepared, though—tickets sell fast. Most patrons make their travel plans up to a year in advance, so start planning now if you want to take advantage of Carnaval vacation deals.

Carnaval Destinations

So what is Carnaval, exactly? If you're familiar with Mardi Gras in New Orleans, then you have a good idea what kind of atmosphere to expect at a Carnaval celebration. The event originated in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and it is still considered the definitive Carnaval experience. Each year they hold a massive dance competition that dominates the streets, along with musical performances, extravagant parades with gigantic floats, and some of the richest food you'll ever encounter. Tickets must be bought well in advance to get remotely good seats. Masquerade balls, samba dances, constant parties, and live music are just a sample of what you can expect at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.

If you aren't able to make the trek to Brazil for Carnaval, there are plenty of other options (and many Carnaval vacation deals, to boot). While nearly all of the Caribbean islands celebrate some form of Carnaval, one of the most immaculate versions takes place in Trindad and Tobago. Enjoy a host of comedy specials, live musical performances including steel drum and calypso performers and, of course, immaculate food. Again, tickets go fast, so book now.

For a less tropical version, visit our neighbors to the north for the Carnaval de Quebec in Quebec City. This two week festival is a non-stop party from late January until early February. Parades bring the streets to life at night, while daylight hours find dog sledding and soap box racing on those same streets. While it's definitely coming down to the wire to book for this year, it's still possible to find some last minute deals for this unique spin on the vibrant celebration. There's still a good handful of vacation rentals available in Quebec City including condos, chalets, villas, apartments, and houses. You might have to look a little outside the city for more deals, but even though it's fast approaching, there are still great deals available.

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Last-minute Lodging

If this is something you're planning last minute, Vacation can help you arrange for a great place to stay while you experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Carnaval. As the event draws closer—February —good seats are becoming hard to find. Right now, there are plenty of Carnaval vacation deals to choose from, including a couple dozen vacation rentals available in Rio de Janeiro.

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