Cheap Christmas Getaways

The Christmas holidays are a time full of cheer and happiness, but having a little relaxation and a change of scenery is also welcomed. People are beginning to take their Christmas vacations and spend them away from traditional settings and find that it is enjoyable to visit quaint or exotic places with their families. While it is incredibly fun and rejuvenating to travel at Christmas, most families must budget for it and need to find cheap Christmas getaways in order to work it into their holiday plans.

cheap christmas getaways

Mexico Beaches and Beautiful Sunsets

To really enjoy cheap Christmas getaways, the vacation destination should offer something that everyone can enjoy at affordable costs. Medano Beach in Cabos San Lucas in Mexico combines fun and frugality. The beautiful, warm beaches are known for their safe swimming conditions that attract families and couples, and give you a totally breath-taking view at sunset. Also at the Medano Beach, you can indulge in any of their ultimate spa services from one of their top-rated European health spas in Latin America.

The Christmas holiday is definitely festive and fun, but wouldn't be complete without exchanging gifts. It's wonderful to relax and enjoy, but who wants to think about cooking on a fun-filled day? You don't have to worry about any of that in Cabos San Lucas since they have some of the very best eateries in the area. Two of their famously known restaurants are Billygan's Island Restaurant and Beach Club, best known for the way they prepare their succulent American-style hamburger. The burger is a favorite with children and adults and the restaurant has ample seating for any sized group. To enjoy a beautiful sunset while you dine, you will want to definitely eat at Bella California restaurant where you can feast on grilled fare including prawn and sea bass, their specialties. Make your reservations after 6:00 p.m., and you're guaranteed a seat to view one of the most beautiful scenes of the sunset descending over the horizon. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Mexico rental today.

cheap christmas getaways

Christmas in the Mountains

For another change of atmosphere and budget-friendly cheap Christmas getaways, Asheville, North Carolina is the place to travel for a fun, explorative holiday. You can hike the Appalachian trails and enjoy viewing the beautifully cascading waterfalls at the DuPont State Forest in Asheville. The area is completely gorgeous at Christmas time, with clean, brisk air inviting you to be outside and interact with nature.

Christmas beauty doesn't end in Asheville because it continues with their "no charge" admission to their famous Botanical Gardens, located in the Appalachian Mountains. To really appreciate the area at the holiday time, you will want to find their famous plant, the Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) that flowers in the winter and is abundant along the hiking path. The plant with the curious name doesn't do it justice. It's a definite must-see and makes a wonderful photograph to accompany your other Christmas vacations photos.

Not to be discouraged by the pretty but curious winter flower, proceed directly to one of Asheville's best family-oriented restaurants, Burgermesiter's Kitchen and Tap. After a long day of hiking and photographing the areas amazing foliage, one of Burgermesiter's gourmet hamburgers will definitely fill you up. The menu boasts all types of gourmet hamburgers, prepared to your specifications and is certainly aimed to please. In downtown Asheville, you can find the ultimate in comfort foods at the Chop House where they serve steaks, seafood, chicken, and all of the accompaniments like potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and vegetables. This is a great place to wind down the day, enjoy great eating in an amazing place and feel good about staying within your budget.

Another great idea is Tennessee if you're looking for the same natural beauty but more action-packed, family-friendly attractions. Check out our guide to Gatlinburg vacation deals while you're here.

Remember, cheap Christmas getaways are well within your reach: just book a vacation rental instead of a hotel.