Cheap Destination Weddings

cheap destination weddingMany of us would love nothing more than to be featured on a television show for having a hugely expensive and important wedding that the world would watch and wonder at, but for those of us on a budget, there are cheap destination weddings that are possible for anyone. If your wedding won’t feel special unless it requires a flight to get there, consider using a reliable website like to help you select from a multitude of easy-to-book, trustworthy property owners, in locations that will make your wedding feel as special as those with $200,000 price tags.

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you would prefer a relaxing, beautiful beach setting for your cheap destination wedding, or if something more formal suits your tastes better. Then, you can sort your options based upon your budgetary requirements, accommodation size, and which luxury features you would like to use at your rental location. Browsing online vacation rentals is easy, and the bargains are clearly listed to help you make an informed decision.

Florida Love Story

Popular, cheap destination wedding locations include places like Orlando, Florida, which not only has affordable rental options, but also regularly advertises cheap airfare, and discount tickets to local attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Alligator Land. Not only can you save money on transportation, accommodations, and theme park tickets, but Disney World offers weddings on-a-budget which are world renowned and fun. Many of the popular beaches in Florida, including Clearwater Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Key West, have bargain prices for their rental cottages, homes, and penthouses.

Small Town Wedding

If you would like to consider cheap destination weddings in quiet, charming locations that are filled with local people, and free of the bustle of big cities, Maine offers gorgeous, scenic landscapes and bargain rates. Consider having your wedding at Bar Harbor, near Acadia National Park, and saving money while staying in an oceanfront property! Several sleepy towns in Maine offer opportunities for unique, personal, and cheap destination weddings.

cheap destinatino weddings

Vegas and NYC

For those of you who would like to find an option that includes more opportunities for nightlife activities, sight-seeing, and entertainment options from friends and family who would be traveling to your wedding, Manhattan features many bargain rental options on a regular basis, so you could have an affordable Central Park wedding on a budget! Think of all of the entertainment options in the Big Apple, and how much fun it would be for your guests to travel to your wedding.

Of course, there is the infallible old option of having cheap destination weddings in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is an old and infallible option because it is such a good choice! If you book a rental property for your cheap destination wedding in Las Vegas, you and your guests are sure to have a memorable marital experience that will be remembered as fun, spirited, and possibly quirky, if you opt to get married in costume at one of the famous little chapels. Weddings in Las Vegas are so cheap, that some are even conducted in fast food-like drive through windows. So, if you want to have a wedding on a shoe-string budget, but still enjoy the luxury and privacy of a vacation rental property, rather than feel crowded in a hotel smoke-filled hotel lobby, Las Vegas may be the option that is right for your wedding.

There are so many possible cheap destination weddings available on that it could take you longer to peruse your options than it would to earn the money for a Vegas drive-through wedding! Your cheap wedding could be more interesting than a pricey wedding, after all.

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