Top 10 Cheap Fall Vacations

If you're looking to go on a vacation, but want to go when it's less expensive, then fall is the time to go. Fortunately for you, Vacation is full of cheap fall vacations. Not only is the weather more mild in warmer areas but you can usually go for a fraction of what it would cost to travel during peak times of the year.

cheap fall vacations

Fall Festivals Can Make for a Fun Vacation

Many towns and cities across the nation have fall festivals that can be worth a whole trip. The Panama City Beach Wine Tasting Festival usually takes place in October, when the weather is mild. There are concerts featuring big name acts and plenty of seafood and wine. In Destin you can also take part in their annual Seafood Festival, which also takes place in October. If you're looking to check out the fall foliage then check out the Northeast Kingdom Foliage Festival in Vermont or the Sunday River Fall Festival Weekend in Maine. Indeed, cheap fall vacations can be quite festive.

Try Out Branson

Branson, Missouri is a highly sought after vacation destination but is more affordable than other major theme parks. Since Branson caters to wholesome entertainment, cheap fall vacations can also be family-friendly. With dinner shows, variety shows, theme park activities and musical reviews, you'll find something for everyone here.

Visit a State Park

State Parks can be breathtaking and if you're close enough to drive to one then that's a start on your savings. However, even with plane fare, imagine how much you'll save in costs by visiting a state park that usually only charges admission to enter and is typically calculated by the carload. Parks like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon are major attractions and yet are inexpensive.

Visit Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas may seem like an expensive choice, quite a few rentals can be found for much cheaper prices than expected. Hotels want gamblers to fill their casinos, so you can enjoy cheaper buffets, drinks, and even free entertainment.

cheap fall vacations

New Orleans Isn't Just for Mardi Gras

Although Mardi Gras is a popular reason to visit New Orleans, the city's great for cheap fall vacations. In the fall, when the temperatures are more pleasant, you can go on cemetery tours, Garden District Tours, and more, and all are very affordable.

Check Out a Cruise

Cruises may not seem inexpensive but with cheaper rates in the fall and everything being inclusive, you'll save money on food and entertainment. You'll also know exactly what everything costs, so you can plan where your money is going.

Take a Ghost Tour

Around the Halloween holiday is a perfect time to take a ghost tour and, best of all, they're affordable. Destinations all over the country offer up cheap fall vacations with a Halloween twist, so you won't have to spend a lot on travel. Check out The Boston Spirits Walking Tour, Ghost Tour of Philadelphia, Ghost Tours of Key West or the Chicago Supernatural Tour.

Consider Staying Close to Home

What does your area have to offer to vacationers? Many popular destinations can be right outside of your doorstep. If your town or a town close by offers vacation spots then take advantage of them. You don't always have to travel far for cheap fall vacations.

Visit an Amusement Park

There are many amusement parks that you can visit such as Disneyland, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Cedar Point and more. In the fall there are fewer crowds, the temperature isn't hot, and in the off season you can get discounted rates.

An Empire State of Mind

Why not visit one of the greatest cities in the world? New York City has plenty to do that you can do on a budget. From sightseeing to free music in Central Park and window shopping at some of the most famous stores in the world. You can visit and have a great time without spending a fortune on activities.

We hope our suggestsions for cheap fall vacations have helped you plan your trip!