Cheap Halloween Vacations

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Halloween is a great holiday to take a vacation. Many destinations offer spooky attractions, vibrant parades and fun costume parties. You can find ways to save on all vacations but one of the best ways to take cheap Halloween vacations is to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel. But lodging's just half the are some fun and cheap Halloween dvacations.

Salem, MA – The Ultimate Halloween Vacation

Salem is most well known for the witch trials that once took place there. The history of those witch trials provides the perfect spooky background for your next Halloween vacation. Spend Halloween in Salem and take part in the Haunted Happenings Festival. This month-long Halloween celebration includes witch trial reenactments, scary storytellers, psychic readings and much more. While in Salem, be sure to tour Salem Wax Museum, the Haunted Witch Village and take a nighttime ghost tour. Salem deserves a spot on the list of cheap Halloween vacations because it provides the perfect Halloween setting at a reasonable price.

New York City, NY – Parades Galore

If you love parades with vibrant Halloween costumes, then spend your next Halloween in New York City. This city features the popular Village Halloween Parade which is the world’s largest Halloween celebration. Over 50,000 participants and two million viewers take part in the Village Parade so be sure to arrive early to find a good viewing location. This parade is great for all ages and showcases the most original and extravagant of all costumes. Celebrations such as the Village Halloween Parade are great cheap Halloween Vacations because most are free to attend and they provide hours of fun. After attending the parade, put your costume on and head to the clubs for a night of dancing and Halloween fun.

Las Vegas, NV – Party all Night

cheap halloween vacations

If you are looking for the ultimate costume parties for your Halloween vacation, head to Las Vegas. People here know how to have a good time all nights of the year but they especially go all out on Halloween night. Although cheap Halloween vacations may not come to mind when you think of Las Vegas, there are many things you can do to reduce your vacation expenses and still have a fabulous time. First, try making a costume instead of purchasing an expensive one. If you aren’t crafty, you can search online for used or discount costumes instead of buying a new one. Second, airline tickets to Las Vegas are fairly inexpensive depending on where you are flying from so search around for ticket deals before booking a flight. Lastly, stay in a vacation rental and cook your meals instead of dining out at expensive restaurants. By saving money in these areas, you will have plenty of extra cash to spend on Halloween night.

Orlando, FL – Spooky Theme Parks

Orlando is perfect for family-friendly Halloween vacations. Orlando Studios is probably the most popular of destinations for families on Halloween because of its annual Halloween Horror Nights. Be prepared to get really freaked out by reliving spooky urban legends and touring creepy mazes with spooky characters lurking around each corner. Although you will have to pay an admission price to attend the theme park’s Halloween Horror Nights, Orlando still deserves a spot on the list of cheap Halloween vacations because of its ideal family attractions and the variety of vacation rentals where you can save money by choosing one for your trip lodging.