Cheap Last Minute Deals

cheap last minute dealsProcrastinators are very familiar with a certain phrase. If they aren't then they'll recognize that they already live by it: Hard work sometimes pays off in the future, but laziness always pays off now. If you feel like this applies to you, don't worry, you're not alone. Fortunately, even if you put off making vacation plans until, say, final boarding call, there are always some cheap last minute deals you can take advantage of at

Why choose a vacation home? Why not would be a better question to ask yourself. Instead of a cramped, impersonal hotel room, imagine spending your vacation in a real home that someone has cared for and made their own over the years. Imagine being able to give yourself the space and privacy that always eluded you in tiny hotel rooms. Instead of worrying about whether or not you'll have to book two different hotel rooms for your family, eliminate all the hassle and get a vacation home, where everything's already taken care of.

If you're stressed about finding the right place for your family to spend a weekend, you can relax, because finding a great vacation home—as well as cheap last minute deals—is easy as pie at Vacation

1. Choose your destination.

Go to Vacation See that big map of the U.S. in the center of the page? Click on any of those states to see the regions and cities where vacation homes are available. If you feel like traveling out of the country, there are options for that too, mainly in tropical regions and neighboring countries.

2. Get specific.

Next, you'll see lists of different cities, counties and regions of the state you've selected, along with the number of available homes they have. Take a look around and see what there is available. This is where being a procrastinator can actually pay off. If an owner isn't having much luck renting out their home to a vacation seeker, they'll lower the price until someone in desperate need of a last minute place to stay decides to give them a chance. This is where you come in. Hint: pay special attention to the cities that have the "Deals" symbol next to them. You'll have a much better chance at finding the perfect place for your budget.

cheap last minute deal

3. Pick the right abode.

While perusing the listings of available homes to spend your vacation in, you probably noticed the many types of dwellings available. Cabins, cottages, houses, apartments, penthouse suites—whatever you could want, there's a good chance it's available somewhere. Keep an open mind about the type of home you want to call yours for a vacation. At the eleventh hour, pickings may be slim, but a new experience could give your vacation a spark of unpredictability that, at the very least, will make this vacation a memorable one.

4. Seal the deal.

Once you've found the place for you, you'll see a contact submission form on the right. After you fill in some basic data and click on "Submit," the owner will be contacted about your interest in spending a few days in their place. If you're in a real hurry, some homeowners provide a phone number for a faster contact. That way, if the space happens to be unavailable, you can quickly get back to searching.

After you've made contact, the owner should get back to you reasonably soon, and hopefully you've found a great new place to spend your best vacation yet. If not, keep trying until you find many more cheap last minute deals. With hundreds of new listings added each day, there's no reason you can't find a good place for you and your family. Happy hunting!