Cheap November Vacations

If your family has the winter blues and needs to get out of town for a week, then there are cheap November vacations that won’t cut into your Christmas budget, but that will leave you refreshed and ready for the coming months of drudgery. Many cheap November vacations are spots that you would typically visit during the summer heat, and for that reason, their prices drop in the late fall and winter.

cheap November vacation

Cheap Family Fun is Easily Found in Florida

Orlando, Florida is a great place to visit for families, especially after the tourist crush of summer. Places like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios charge the same prices whether it’s summer or fall, but the lodging accommodations in the area charge much less after the height of summer. You could save as much as 70% on your accommodations if you visit Orlando off-season this year!

Enjoy Miami in November this year, and save a lot of money on a vacation home or other type of accommodation. The shopping is just as much fun in November, but the shops are a lot less crowded! People enjoy Miami in November because of its award-winning restaurants and tourist-free downtown district. Spend a week getting to know the area and the local culture this November, and you will want to revisit Miami every fall.

West Coast Excitement on a Budget

Los Angeles, California can be too crowded for reclusive types during the summer months, but in November, both the weather and the population are optimal. Enjoy Disneyland, Universal Studios, crowd-less beaches, and the famous wax museum, all without the annoying wait. Accommodations are more affordable in November in Los Angeles, as well as restaurants, which often offer discounts during their off-seasons. LA is a fun place for couples that want to visit museums in the area, because in November, there are no lines to enter, and no huddled crowds around the famous exhibits.

For people who want a low-key vacation this November, Park City in Utah is the ideal destination for outlet shopping and casual dining. People in Park City get to enjoy gorgeous landscapes year-round, and this November, you could find affordable accommodations before the height of the skiing season increases the nightly rates exponentially! Park City’s building codes lend the area a cabin-like rustic ambiance, and a wide selection of eateries. The great thing about a Park City, Utah vacation is that you can save even more money by shopping the endless outlets.

cheap november vacation

Affordable Trips Abroad for November

Cheap November vacations can take you to any part of the Caribbean, too. Save a lot of money visiting the US Virgin Islands in November, and using the full-service kitchen of your accommodations to save even more money cooking your own meals. With all of the money you could save on a US Virgin Islands vacation this year, you could afford to take an exciting deep-sea fishing excursion or luxury shopping trip to Turks and Caicos.

Families enjoy visiting the endless streets of museums in Washington, DC. Visiting the nation’s capital for cheap November vacations is a great idea, because the heat of summer is so thick in the District in the summer that tourists often complain bitterly. November is a great month for DC, because it rarely snows that early, but it is still beautiful and replete with magnificent architecture.


When your autumnal blues strike, keep these exciting destinations in mind for an uplifting and simultaneously affordable vacation! For even more cheap November vacations and hot spots, check out the deals that are listed on you could save as much as 70% on accommodations in a city you have always dreamt of visiting. This year, take your vacation at a time of year when no one else does, to save money and avoid the crowds!