Cheap October Vacations

cheap october vacationOctober is a great time to take a vacation without breaking the budget. Cheap October vacations are plentiful and fun! It’s a great time to take in seasonal changes—the fall foliage in the Northeast or a bit of snow on the red rocks of the Southwest.

Driving Tours

How about a driving tour to take in some small town flavor and activities. Many small towns feature autumn festivals and events. These little vacation towns are usually less crowded during the fall season, so think about visiting Taos, New Mexico or perhaps Martha’s Vineyard. You can enjoy activities such as harvesting apples or pumpkins; how about enjoying a frolic in a corn maze or enjoying the fall colors? These fall tours can be a fun and inexpensive road trip for you and your family. Keep in mind that different areas of the country experience peak fall colors at different times. For instance, leaves in Colorado will begin turning colors a bit earlier than those in the Northeast. Vermont and Maine are said to have the most brilliant colored leaves during the first three weeks of October.

cheap october vacations


Consider golfing as another cheap October vacation! The mild weather will make you enjoy the game even more and golf course fees are generally lower during October and other autumn months. Airfare is usually lower to golf destinations during these months, so your budget will still like be intact. And if not everyone in your family or group is a golf enthusiast, there are plenty of attractions and sights at these golf vacation destinations. These golf destinations can include Las Vegas, Utah, and California courses. The golfers in your group can hit the links while others shop, enjoy spectacular scenery or take in a delicious meal.

Mexico and the Caribbean

In addition, both Mexico and the Caribbean offer wonderful options for cheap October vacations. Mexico has long been a destination favorite—for family or group travel, as well as romantic getaways. Check for inexpensive fares and get ready to visit places such as Cancun, Los Cabos, Acapulco, and many other wonderful Mexican destinations.

The Caribbean offers many options for travel packages, including travel to the Dominican Republic, an area well known for its inexpensive vacation activities and accommodations.


Don’t count out European travel for cheap October vacations. There are many inexpensive ways to enjoy the culture and history from Italy to France and beyond. Try looking for alternatives to expensive hotel stays such as renting private homes or vacation rentals. There are numerous options for both air and ground travel that can help you enjoy Europe on a budget and yet still enjoy your vacation.

Other vacation ideas for those on a budget include a road trip via Greyhound, where you can travel the highways and byways on a shoestring. It might take some creativity, but you're sure to find some great and very cheap October vacations!

State Fairs

Cheap October vacations were made of state fairs. Maybe your October vacation will be a short drive to your state’s annual festivities, or a state fair will be just a short stop on a bigger adventures. These are great, cost-conscious events that are fun for the whole family. There is fun for all—food, rides, games, exhibits and so much more! Because state fairs are held in the fall, you may even be able to take in a local college football game nearby for added fun and excitement. Some well-known fairs include the Iowa State Fair and the Indiana State Fair. These fairs have boasted performers such as Sheryl Crow and Darius Rucker as headline entertainers.