Cheap Resort Vacations

Cheap Resort VacationsIn 2010, there's one commonality that everyone shares despite age, sex, race, political affiliation, or hair color: everyone's trying to save money in any way they can. Whether it's by buying off-brand groceries or seeing Avatar in 2-D, people are cutting corners everywhere, including the vacation department. Despite your economic situation, we guarantee there's an affordable vacation home at, so you can finally take advantages of one of our cheap resort vacations. Some people argue that in tight financial times, it's unreasonable to take a vacation. We argue that with so much stress in the air, it's unhealthy not to take a vacation.

Private and Cheap Resort-style Living

So if you're on the hunt for cheap resorts, you're in the right place. is bursting with thousands upon thousands of fantastic vacation homes in the best getaway spots in the country. Cheap resort vacations have been a well-kept secret for a while, and you can take advantage today!

Most importantly, we offer quality, comfortable, affordable alternatives to hotel rooms. If you're trying to escape stress by going on a vacation, staying in a hotel completely defeats the purpose. Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in an actual home? Hotels are cramped, uncomfortable and decidedly not homey. How many homes do you know of that are filled with stressed-out travelers, crowded elevators, noisy neighbors, and thin walls?

That's where we come in. We find the best quality homes, be they houses, apartments, condos or resorts, and make them available to travelers like you. Imagine spending your next family getaway in a luxurious resort for the price of that cramped, uncomfortable hotel with a ton more amenities and extras. Instead of a single room that's a bedroom, living room, and kitchen all in one, you can spread yourselves out over multiple rooms. Cheap Resort VacationInstead of stacking yourselves like sardines on a small number of beds, you can each have your own room. Instead of relying on whatever room service or continental breakfast options are available, you can cook your own nutritious, substantial meals from the convenience of your own fully loaded kitchen. Not to mention you'll be right near the beach or whatever attractions you want to visit on your vacation. Start searching today to find an excellent cheap resort.

Private Hotels and More

Many top-notch resorts and hotels actually feature some privately-owned units. That means you can get an especially good deal by booking directly through an owner, rather than the actual resort or hotel. And for the most part, these units are much more spacious and private than other options

Search Tips

It can be tricky finding the right place, that is, if you don't know how to look for it. There are a few simple tricks to finding the perfect cheap resort. The key is to remain flexible in your plans. If you're looking in a big metropolitan area like Miami, you're probably noticed that the prices are pretty high. The solution is simple: look at some of the surrounding areas. You'll find great deals on resorts that are just outside of city limits. That way, you can enjoy all the city has to offer by saving big dollars on lodging.

You can save money not just by choosing the right town to stay in, but also by choosing where in that town to stay. Resorts that are right on the beach are, not surprisingly, far more expensive than those on the other side of the street. If you're willing to take a few extra steps to get to the beach, you'll save huge amounts of dollars. Most beach towns have plenty of walkovers, so you can quickly and easily get to the beach from your resort.

Timing Matters

Another great way to ensure a cheap resort vacation is to consider the timing of your trip. If you book in the offseason—say, April for a summer vacation—you can save money and enjoy some privacy since the beach won't be crawling with tourists yet. Plus, booking at the last minute can save too, since many renters offer fantastic last minute deals.

That's all you need to know! A cheap resort vacation is just a click away.

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