10 Cheap Road Trips

Cheap Road TripsIs the road calling your name? Hit on the dusty trail on an epic road trip that will cure all your traveling blues. At VacationRentals.com, we have vacation homes all across the country, so you can plan any number of cheap road trips around our available homes. Here are ten cheap road trips filled with exciting sights and things to do.

Big Sur

Route One—the California road that stretches almost its entire length and inspires fear in the hearts of cautious drivers with its rock walls on one side and plunging cliffs on the other. If you're looking to increase your heart rate and see some gorgeous sights, take Route One through Big Sur, which flows from San Simeon to Carmel.


Head south from Stowe until you reach the majestic mountain pass of Smuggler's Notch. Along the way you'll be treated to the explosive fall foliage you won't see anywhere else. For the ultimate road trip eatery, be sure to pull over at the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury. The perfect cheap road trip for autumn.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This one's for the ambitious road tripper with some time on their hands. The entire length of this mountainous drive is well over 400 miles, and the speed limits pretty slow most of the way. The patient will be rewarded, however, by this monumental drive from Shenandoah to the Smoky Mountains through Appalachia.


To see a true marvel of modern engineering and some unbelievable sunsets, take a drive through bridges and causeways that connect some 100 miles of islands. Start in Key Largo and head west towards Key West for a drive that surrounds you with water on all sides, with some brief layovers in sunny islands. It's a rough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Sonoma/Napa Valley

Make sure you have a designated driver for this lush drive through California's scenic wine country, dotted with tastings all over the beautiful countryside. Be sure to stop in Calistoga for a rejuvenating mud bath or witness California's Old Faithful, a geyser that faithfully erupts every half hour. Many more cheap road trips meander through California's mountains and forests, so try mapping out your own ideas.

Cheap Road Trip


Take the road trip that turns the land descriptor "flat" into an adjective of praise. Don a trucker hat and blast the Patsy Cline as you head east from El Paso on Interstate 10 and south on U.S. Route 90 towards Marathon. Be sure to check out the vast desert vistas at Big Bend National Park, an hour from your final destination.


Conquer the final frontier on this rocky, expansive, 127-mile Seward Highway. Rent a car at the Anchorage airport. There are literally innumerable sights, fjords, straits, and peninsulas to marvel at on this magical route. Look to beluga whales in the water and dall sheep on the cliffs as you weave through the Alaskan wilderness.


If you don't feel like heading north all the way to Alaska, you can find a drive just as scenic and mountainous in Washington State. Start in Puget Sound and head east to the gorgeous Cascade Mountains until you reach Ellensburg, a hip college town. It's a short drive—135 miles—but with another twists, turns and scenic views to stop and admire that it could take a whole day.


Great for the hikers and bikers who don't mind their road trip being consistently put on hold for fantastic trails, many with fascinating rock formations named after their resemblances (Bell, Snoopy, Cathedral). Start in Sedona and head south towards Interstate 17 near Rimrock.

South Dakota

Take a wonderful mountain drive that ends at a national landmark. Starting in Pierre, head west on U.S. Route 83 and Interstate 90. Stop for some scenic views in Badlands National Park and end at Mount Rushmore in Rapid City.

Pack up your car, check out our listings and hit the road! Happy travels!

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