Cheap Summer Rentals

Summer VacationNo matter who you are, everyone wants a deal for their next vacation. One great way to save money is to find deals on your accommodations. Instead of choosing a hotel, consider renting out a house, condo, cabin, or something else. For your next summer vacation, consider the following cheap summer rentals:

Last Minute Cheap Summer Rental Deals

Everyone knows you should avoid procrastination, but when it comes to cheap summer rentals, procrastination may be the key, as long as you're flexible on where you go. On, you can find last minute deals on rentals all over the country and the world. These are rentals that have not been filled for the next week or two and rather than leave the rental empty, the owner is willing to give a great deal. These deals may include 60% off the nightly or weekly rates, $1000 in freebies, or even a free night.

You can search by location, so if there is a particular area you're interested in, you can find all the deals in that area. If you're flexible on where you go, or if you decide at the last minute you need to get away, you can find some great deals on cheap summer rentals at

Head to Off-Season Locations

Another great way to get cheap summer rentals is by heading to a place that is off-season. Do you love the mountains and nature? How about heading on your summer vacation to an area that is a ski resort in the winter? Since the area typically does not draw as many people during the summer, rentals will be cheaper, but you'll still be able to enjoy all the beautiful nature surrounding the rental home. There will likely be a lot of hiking, fishing, kayaking, and biking in the area in the summer and, if you live in a warm climate, it will give you a chance to escape the heat.

Other areas that might be on the off season during the summer are areas that are temperate in the winter and extremely hot in the summer including places such as Arizona. If you enjoy really warm temperatures, heading to a hotter climate in the summer may be a great way to get a cheap summer rental. These areas typically cater to those trying to escape the snow of winter and don't get a lot of visitors in the summer, so the rentals are typically less expensive. And as long as there's a pool, you'll have plenty of chances to cool off and have fun away from home.

Off the Beaten Path

The next best way to find cheap summer rentals is to head to unknown vacation locations. Skip Orlando, LA, and the typical beach locations and head to an area that isn't largely known. By doing a little research, and by searching on, you might just find a hideaway that would suit you and your family just fine. It might be a little cabin in the woods, a bungalow on the beach, a lake house, or a mountain getaway. And because it's not a tourist hotspot, the summer rental will be much cheaper, and you might just find a great place to escape to year after year.

It's fun to explore a new place and find out what's so special about that location, and you can find that little hideaway at

Cheap summer rentals can be found if you take the time to do the research. Whether your strategy is to plan early and book before the height of vacation season begins or to wait till the last minute and see what deals are available, you'll be able to find your cheap summer rental right on

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