Cheap Vacation Homes

cheap vacation homesPeople who know how to travel prefer to travel to cheap vacation homes, rather than crowded, noisy hotels. Why wouldn’t someone want to save as much as 70%, while enjoying the benefits of privacy, a full kitchen for your cooking convenience, and the security of staying in gated communities if you would like, or in gorgeous, luxurious penthouse condos? is a service that allows you to find cheap vacation homes in destinations that you want to go to, not just in places that you haven’t ever heard of. But, if you like to travel to unknown, unique locations, those are list on, too! It’s a website for any traveler, and even for large groups and whole families.

Got Kids? Got Savings.

Cheap vacation homes are a great choice for families because you can choose how many rooms you want your rental house to have, and also how many people the house should be able to sleep. So, if you are traveling alone you can find a cheap, cozy house, and if you have a large group of as many as 12 people, you can find larger accommodations that will give each person the privacy that’s usually only enjoyed at home. There are a lot of other reasons to choose cheap vacation homes over the over-rated, over-priced hotels that people usually cramp themselves into, simply because they don’t know there are better choices.

More Privacy

Other reasons to choose cheap vacation homes over hotels are that the hotels have so much human traffic that they often have germs that can lead to diseases spreading, like the Swine Flu, whereas private vacation properties are only accommodating one group, or person, at a time. Also, hotels unfairly charge their patrons different prices according to the way that a room is booked, whereas Vacation Rentals has just one simple method for booking a rental property, and the prices are clearly listed, so you know when you pay that you are paying the same amount that everyone else is paying for that property.

cheap vacation home

Cheap Vacation Home Destinations

Would you like cheap vacation homes in Aventura, Florida, or in Miami? Both locations have opportunities to save cash on great properties, which feature HD TVs that have screens beyond your fathoming, and private saunas or hot tubs located within your private rental property. If you don’t want to go to Florida, why not travel to Los Angeles, California and go sight-seeing downtown, or star-watching uptown? It's a great option for people who want to live-it-up during their trip away from ordinary life, and there are an abundance of cheap vacation homes available for your next escape from home. Another great reason to go to Los Angeles, California for your next cheap vacation homes away from home is that it’s conveniently located near-enough to beaches that you could take trips away from star-sightings in swanky 5-star restaurants and enjoy the warm, clear blue waters of several different popular beaches.

For entirely different kinds of cheap vacation homes, peruse the discount listings in Chicago, Illinois. This is a place for pomp and fun, luxury and low-brow laughs, all co-mingling and creating an atmosphere that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Chicago listings are luxurious and interesting, and you can afford them on any budget if you want cheap vacation homes in the city, or in nearby suburbs, like the one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself! So, if you are the kind of person who can pull-off a hat like the ones worn by newspapers sales-boys in Newsies, Chicago is the place that’s as quirky as you are, and you can save money while you savor its unique charms.