10 Cheap Weekend Getaway Ideas

Cheap Weekend Getaway IdeaThe best remedy for a stressful week is a weekend getaway. Weekend vacations can be simple or elaborate. Luckily, there are many cheap weekend getaway ideas to fit your budget.

1. Go to the Beach

Everyone loves the sun. That's probably why most cheap weekend getaway ideas revolve around it. Take a break and play in the waves! If you don’t have a beach nearby, consider a vacation rental on your favorite coast or shore. VacationRentals.com has a wide variety of rental properties to satisfy your craving for the sun.

2. Visit Historic Sites

Many major U.S. cities are rich with history. Whether the main attraction is a cemetery in the country or a museum district downtown, take the opportunity to learn about the history in your area. If you are feeling adventurous, visit some of the country’s oldest cities along the East Coast. Some of these cities, like Philadelphia and New York, have walking or bus tours that highlight the historical architecture, culture, facts, and legends of the cities. For a cheap weekend getaway, look into vacation rentals near the city of your choice.

3. Visit an Amusement Park

Amusement parks can be fun for the whole family. In addition to roller coasters, most amusement parks have rides and play areas for kids. Take a trip to the nearest Six Flags park, to Disney World, or to Busch Gardens. Instead of booking a hotel, search VacationRentals.com for a vacation rental near the park.

4. Go to a Day Spa

If you are looking for a truly relaxing weekend, book a massage at a local spa. Spas have massages for both individuals and couples, and sometimes they offer discounts if you would like more than one service (for example, a massage and a facial).

5. Find a Cheap Flight to a New Place

Make the hunt for cheap weekend getaway ideas easy on yourself. Many bargain airfare web sites offer special flights at very low prices. Go on an adventure! Pick one of these low-cost destinations that you have never visited and go there for a few days. To save some money, check to see if VacationRentals.com has any property listings in the area.

Cheap Weekend Getaway

6. Take a Road Trip

Spend your cheap weekend getaway on the open road. Fill up the tank and drive off into the sunset. Wherever you decide to go, take the scenic route. Sometimes, the destination isn’t nearly as fun as the trip.

7. Pursue a Destination Hobby

Do you like to ski, but you aren’t near any mountains? Do you like to scuba dive, but live in a landlocked state? Do you like to fish, but the lake too far away? Take a destination weekend to pursue your hobby. And instead of spending your nights in a pricey hotel, use VacationRentals.com to find a private property to rent. Not only are these properties affordable, but they are family-friendly with multiple rooms and yard areas. And forget the expense of eating out. Cook meals in your very own kitchen!

8. Take a Break in the Country

Home, home on the range! Take a break from the city and head for the hills. Renting a vacation property on the plains can be a refreshing break from the rush and stress of your home town.

9. Visit a Water Park

There is no better way to beat the heat than to plummet down a massive water slide. Take the family to a water park. While local water parks may quench your thirst for a splashing good time, if you really want to get away, take a weekend trip to Schlitterbahn Waterpark or Noah’s Ark.

10. Watch Your Favorite Football Team

Pull out your letter jacket and class ring. This weekend, take a trip to see your favorite college football team in action! As far as accommodations are concerned, be sure you get the most bang for your buck by renting a vacation property through VacationRentals.com.

We've got budget vacation rentals to go with each of these cheap weekend getaway ideas, so start browsing now.

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