Cheapest Vacation Rental Destinations

If you’re booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel, it goes without saying that you’re getting way more bang for your buck. However, for the hardcore deal finders out there, Vacation’s cheapest vacation rental destinations are worth some perusing. We’ve gathered up cities and regions that feature lots of rentals with average to low rates, so you don’t have to pull your hair out over saving money. So, here goes, our cheapest vacation rental destinations in the US and outside the US.

Cheap USA Rentals

arizona spas


Arizona’s the place people go to relax or retire. Maybe it’s the renowned spas and golf courses, the intoxicating natural scenery, or the Native American culture that bring people to the state (sometimes for keeps), but whatever the appeal, it’s cheap and easy for you to partake. Browse Arizona’s cheapest vacation rental destinations:


From the beaches to the mountains to the metros, California is sprawling with deals. If you’re on a tight budget, consider these beloved hot spots:


Ski runs in the winter, mountain climbs in the summer…Colorado attracts outdoor lovers throughout the year. While some cities are all about the luxury, others are all about the bargains. Check out Colorado’s cheapest vacation rental destinations: 

beach vacation


It’s cheap to visit the beach in Delaware. Check out the state’s cheapest vacation rental destinations:


Florida isn’t just a popular state for a vacation, it is a vacation. Almost every nook and cranny is worth visiting, from Disney World to Miami Beach to the Keys. The Sunshine State is full of jaw-dropping deals, but there are certain areas and cities that feature more than others. That’s why we’ve rounded up Florida’s cheapest vacation rental destinations for you.


Feel like an exotic and far-flung vacation that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Hawaii’s a fabulous idea – Maui in particular is brimming with bargains. For an escape to the beach that feels really expensive but is in actuality really cheap, check out Hawaii’s cheapest vacation rental destinations:


Las Vegas

Sin City or Cheap City? While we feature a plethora of luxurious Las Vegas rentals, some of them are cheaper to book than a mediocre hotel room, and others are just plain cheap. Take a look around and book your stay on the Strip or just outside it.


Small town charm, big outdoor adventure, and affordable accommodations all spell out Maine. Park yourself by the water for cheap in the following lake and beach spots:


There are many reasons to visit Maryland, including Vacation’s huge selection of beach deals. Whether you’re getting away to the lake or the ocean, we’ve got you covered.


For a New England-style beach getaway that won’t break the bank, consider beautiful Cape Cod. Full of small beach towns with reasonable to cheap rates, the Massachusetts island is a great place to base a vacation.

michigan lake


With great attractions and easy access to the Great Lakes, Michigan is always entertaining tourists. If you’re in need of a budget-friendly getaway, consider Michigan’s cheapest vacation rental destinations.


An easy and appealing drive-to destination for its diversity of attractions, Missouri never disappoints. It never breaks the bank, either, at least not on Vacation

New Jersey

The Jersey Shore is big, and so are the vacation rentals and the deals. For a wallet-friendly getaway, check out these New Jersey favorites.


New York

Whether you’re looking for excitement in the big city, or peace and quiet at the lake, New York has it all – the cheapest vacation rental destinations include Manhattan, the Adirondacks, and Finger Lakes.

North Carolina

The Outer Banks, the Smoky Mountains, or the Blue Ridge Mountains make a great vacation setting. However, if you’re trying to save those pennies, it can be a task sorting through all your options on Vacation Here are North Carolina’s cheapest vacation rental destinations.


Need a beach vacation, but got a tight budget? Don’t overlook the Oregon coastline, a long and beautiful one indeed.

South Carolina

If you have your eyes set on a top tourist-friendly beach, South Carolina has the savings. Choose from popular spots like Hilton Head to Myrtle Beach, but don’t waste money visiting them!


Some of the site’s cheapest vacation rental destinations are located in Tennessee, featuring the Smoky Mountains, lots of lakefront, and unique attractions.

Cheap Rentals Outside the USA

Vacation has a big and affordable selection of USA rentals, however that’s hardly all there is. We have lodging all over the world, from Africa to Asia. Our cheapest vacation rental destinations outside the US are listed here for your convenience.


Costa Rica