Chocolate Vacations

chocolate vacationEveryone knows that if you are looking for amazing chocolate vacations, the natural first choice is Belgium. But that is so predictable. Why not pick somewhere else to take your loved one on an amazing chocolate vacation? There are many lesser known spots around the world that make amazing chocolate, and a lot of it! So if you are looking for various chocolate vacations, consider these destinations (and a vacation rental for your stay).


Switzerland is very well known for its amazing chocolate. The Swiss actually consume more chocolate per person than all other countries in the world. Why not mix culture with cuisine and whisk your partner away on a vacation to Zurich, Switzerland. In terms of chocolate options, Zurich is home to Cailler-Nestle, Toblerone, Truescher, Lindt, and Sprungli.

This country is also home to “The Swiss Chocolate Train.” The train, managed by the Swiss Travel System and Cailler-Nestle, begins its route in Montreax, winds through Gruyeres (why not get some cheese to go along with your chocolate!), and finishes its tour in Broc, whereupon train riders get to tour the Cailler-Nestle factory.


Another great international chocolate vacation destination is Spain. As the first Europeans to bring back chocolate from the New World, Barcelona has become a hub for chocolate lovers and chocolate vacations galore. You can spend your time celebrating the Spanish chocolate heritage by taking a trip to the Museo de La Xocolata, a museum dedicated to the history and love of chocolate. The city also boasts local chocolate shops such as Chocolates Amatller and Chocolate a la Taza, both of which have been creating fine chocolate for more than 150 years!

You can also travel to the nearby city of Villajoyosa. This Spanish city has often been called the “Chocolate City,” as it began cocoa bean importation from Venezuela and Ecuador in the 18th century. It is also home to the oldest gourmet chocolate producer, Valor. Try their chocolate with churros, the local specialty.

chocolate vacation

United States

Don’t feel like leaving the continent? Do not fret, there are dozens of amazing chocolate vacations stateside. San Francisco, California is the home of the United States’ oldest chocolate manufacturers, Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Located in famous Ghirardelli Square, you can tour the factory, shop and buy many delicious goodies.

New York City is also a hot spot for chocolate lovers. Chocolatiers come from all over the globe and settle in New York, bringing with them recipes for delicious chocolate treats. If you feel like taking a tour while on your chocolate vacation, then New York City is the place for you. Choose between the New Cuisine Chocolate Tour or the Luxury Chocolate Tour. While being shown around town, you will learn the history of the chocolate shops and will, of course, be able to sample the amazing chocolates. Some of the top chocolate shops are MarieBelle, Li-Lac, Chocolate Bar, and world-reknowned Jacques Torres Chocolate.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious choice for a chocolate vacation in the United States is Hershey, Pennsylvania. Dubbed “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” Hershey is home to the H.B. Reese Candy Company, and, of course, The Hershey Company. The town offers popular chocolate attractions such as the Chocolate Spa, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and The Hershey Story Museum. After you get your fill at the Hershey factory, you can continue getting your chocolate fix at Café Zooka or the Cocoa Beanery. For an unusual twist on your chocolate intake, go to the Iberian Lounge where they whip up chocolate cocktails.

Entise your tastebuds at any of these fine chocolate vacation destinations, just be sure to anticipate a bit of a sugar rush along the way.