Christmas Family Vacations

christmas family vacationsChristmastime evokes serene, traditional images of the famous holiday. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Snowflakes falling gently to the ground. The delightful sounds of belly laughter and well-wishes from those around you. Many Christmas family vacations are spent making delightful memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Recording artist Andy Williams got it right when in 1963 he recorded the ever popular holiday hit, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Wherever the family spends their Christmas vacation, it's a wonderful time when everyone is together, enjoying sights, sounds and happy times.

The best places to go for a Christmas family vacation has to be a place where the whole family will enjoy. Christmas family vacations don't always have to be in particular settings. Part of the fun in planning Christmas family vacations is finding fun, new places to travel to and new activities to try. That most wonderful time of the year will be wonderful when you arrive!

Skiing in Aspen, Colorado

What would a Christmas vacation be without snow, right? Well, in Aspen, Colorado, your family can have a winter-white Christmas full of snow-capped mountains, rich scenery, and plenty of fun activities. Imagine the rush of paragliding high above the snowy mountains while looking down at the beautiful landscape below. Your excursion is accompanied by a certified instructor, so even the family member as young as eight years old can go paragliding too!

For a magnificent dining experience for the whole family, try DishAspen. It's an extremely popular restaurant in Aspen that boasts a menu that the entire family will like. The menu has loads of traditional American fare like corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, and BLT sandwiches. At Zocalito Latin Bistro, adults will certainly appreciate the grown-up Latin cuisine fare served with exotic sauces and spices. After the kiddies are tucked away in their footie pajamas, the adults can partake in the fine rum bar at Zocalito, one of the local's favorite places to relax. Christmas family vacations really should include everyone.

christmas family vacations

Fun Trifecta: SeaWorld, Disney World and the Beach

A very popular destination for the Christmas family vacation is Orlando, Florida where the beach scene abounds and Mickey Mouse awaits you! Disney World is a main attraction and there is never a shortage of activities to do in this wonderful, magical place. A home vacation rental would be more comfortable for your family if you stay for a week or more, not to mention the myriad of amenities that the rentals offer over hotel accommodations. Most of the rental properties offered are big enough to accommodate large families and are centrally located to many Disney activities.

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida is also an attractive event with lots of high-energy activities. Around-the-clock shows like Shamu Rocks feature the killer whales of SeaWorld and show how they interact in their (simulated) habitats. You'll enjoy the acrobatic antics with dolphins, birds, and stunt actors in the Blue Horizons show. There will certainly be lots of squeals and giggles here. After a day full of energetic activities, where can you get a great meal that the entire family can enjoy? Try Mango Joe's where fajitas are their specialty, or Seafire Inn where your entrees are prepared in the open pit right before your eyes.

If you want to go back to your vacation home after a long day, many of the kitchens in the rentals have deluxe amenities to help you prepare a delicious meal for the family. Indulge in relaxation as you eat by the fire or watch the waves crash in from the ocean. These are the wonderful times that Christmas family vacations are made of and will be remembered for years to come!