Christmas Themed Vacation Destinations

Make this Christmas an unforgettable experience for your children and pay Santa a visit instead of the other way round. Whether you can fly overseas or you need to stay closer to home, numerous Christmas destinations around the world offer you the true North Pole spirit. Celebrate the joy of the season and rekindle the wonder of Christmas for your little ones and yourself.

If your kids are still young enough to believe in Santa, a visit to one of these places will hold a very special place in his or her heart, bringing the magic of Christmas to life. If you just love the season and want to celebrate it in a very special way, mark it with a visit to Santa. And if you simply can't get enough of Christmas, each of these places can be reached at other times during the year for a dose of festive cheer whenever you need it.

Christmas destination Colorado

Santa's Workshop

Pikes Peak, Colorado

While it's not covered in snow like the real North Pole, this Christmas theme park at the base of Pikes Peak offers fun and festivities you don't have to freeze to enjoy. At the festival's center, the tongue-in-cheek "North Pole" (an ice-covered pole that never melts) sets the stage for lighthearted festivities. Visit Santa in his house, check out a few of the park's many rides, and then munch on fun food or bring your own picnic. Catch a magic show or let Elmer the Elf entertain you. If you don't get to enjoy all the park has to offer this time, don't worry; Santa's Workshop is open from May through Christmas Eve. After you've toured the park, stay in the area and visit the Peak itself, where you can enjoy hiking and some gorgeous scenic views - or rent a cabin in Colorado and spend the cold weather by the fire with a mug of cocoa.

Santa Claus's Village

Rovaniemi, Finland (Finnish Lapland)

Any day of the year, you can make the trip out to Finland and visit Santa in his quaint village, but the experience is particularly magical during the Christmas season. Snow covers the snug cottages in the village like a scene straight out of a fairy tale, complete with cheerful elves in bright costumes who'll make you feel right at home. A line in the village indicates the official Arctic Circle line, so you can feel like a real world traveler by crossing over it. Inside Santa's cozy bungalow, have a professional photo taken with a Santa who looks so real you'll wonder if he's visiting from the North Pole itself. While you're in Lapland, take a sleigh ride or enjoy hot chocolate while you watch real live reindeer - you won't see any glowing red noses here, but the experience of visiting a real winter wonderland more than makes up for it.

Christmas vacation destination - girl and santa

Santa Claus, Indiana

A real, normal city in many ways, Santa Claus (the city, not the person!) embraces its Christmas-related heritage in the best possible way. From the streets, subdivisions, and lakes all with festive names to the numerous holiday-themed attractions, this is one Saint Nick-friendly part of the world. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Santa's Candy Castle, which can claim both the world's largest selection of gourmet candy canes and an enormous selection of hot chocolate flavors as well. You can even see Santa hard at work in his workshop, building toys for all the good little boys and girls in the world. Mail postcards to your loved ones from the post office, the only place in the world with the Santa Claus postmark. If you're a real Christmas aficionado or just looking to make a special trip to celebrate the holidays, the city of Santa Claus will fill you with holiday cheer. For the perfect place to relax, rent an Indiana vacation home to comfortably accommodate your whole family.



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Photo by Lars Hammar