Columbus Day 2010 Vacation Deals

Monday, October 11, 2010 will be Columbus Day, and families from all over the country will want to leave their normal lives behind them and explore a new locale, or travel to a familiar beach town to celebrate. For Columbus Day 2010 vacation deals, you had better act fast and book an affordable, exciting option if you don’t want to be stuck at home, watching reruns and reading text messages from friends who were fortunate enough to plan ahead, and go on a memorable Columbus Day vacation.

colombus day vacation deals

Beach Break

If you want to find yourself on a sunny beach, listening to children playing tag, young adults tossing discs and playing volleyball, and sipping margaritas this year, then Columbus Day 2010 vacation rentals to consider for an affordable retreat are Key Largo, Florida, with nightly rates frequently listed as low as $64 a night, and Laguna Beach, California, which features nightly rates for reasonable bargain prices, like $100 a night. These great bargains can take your Columbus Day from ordinary, to something worth scrapbooking and posting on Facebook!

Get Patriotic

Not everyone can see him or herself on a beach in October, and some families will prefer patriotic activities for a national holiday like Columbus Day, so another great choice for Columbus Day 2010 vacation rentals in Philadelphia, with nightly rates affordable for most families and an unending list of activities that would be fun for the entire group! Everyone will enjoy city tours, which guide visitors through memorable landmarks like a national mint, the Liberty Bell, and more statues, and museums than any group could visit in just one long weekend. Another great holiday feature of Philly is that the food in the cozy downtown district is so delicious that it could beat the best restaurants in New York or Paris. People in Philadelphia aren’t just serious about their steak sandwiches, after all!

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Virginia for Value

Virginia is for lovers, and it is also for Columbus Day 2010 vacation deals, where properties seamlessly combine quaint, small town feelings with urban, uptown locations. Although it may be too cold to enjoy the amazing whitewater rafting that is popular in summertime, it’s never too late to enjoy the rich history that Virginia boasts, and the beautiful, ever-green hillsides that make every visitor feel instantly at home. Columbus Day 2010 vacation deals in Virginia can be anything you would like for your holiday, from rustic cottages to penthouses near the Potomac River, within easy distance of the nation’s Capital. People who choose to enjoy their vacation in Virginia will remember the warm people, winding roads, and endless speckling of antique shops on every country road.

Aspen Can Be Affordable, Too

But, when all you really want to do is relax, why bother with historical monuments and locations? Why not enjoy the splendor of Virginia without the distraction of nearby DC? You have heard about Aspen, Colorado undoubtedly on the news as a hot spot for rich and famous travelers, but did you know that it can be an affordable Columbus Day 2010 vacation deals option for any group? Nightly rates come at bargain prices, and the crisp mountain air will make any person want to sip cider by a fire and hold loved ones close. The gorgeous mountains will be capped in snow by the time Columbus Day is here, and it may even be possible to enjoy the ski slopes, already. Aspen isn’t just popular for its natural beauty, though! If you decide to travel to Aspen for your holiday, you can enjoy nightlife activities and fine dining, shopping high-end retailers by day and soaking in Jacuzzis by night, and all of this for unbelievably low prices!