Cool Weather Getaways for Summer

When you're stuck melting in the heat of summer, sometimes nothing sounds better than a dunk in the pool or a cold winter day. Swimming pools are easy to come by, but you won't have much luck finding cold air near home except in the fridge and an ice skating rink or two! So if the heat is really getting too much for you – if you are absolutely through with sunlight and humidity – then take a break from the traditional summertime beach visit and escape the heat to visit somewhere frosty (or at least a little cool).

Snowbirds have been migrating south for winter for years. Reverse the trend and fly north for winter (or far, far south)! Here are just a few of our favorite places that are comfortably cool and even downright cold in the middle of the US's summer months.

Montreal, Canada

The province of Quebec gets quite cold winters, but the tradeoff is that summers here are perfectly pleasant. Brush up on your French (though you'll find it's a little different here than in Paris) and head to Montreal. Summer temperatures generally go no higher than the mid 70s during the day and the upper 50s at night, so pack for moderate weather. A pair of shorts and a good jacket will prepare you for those rare cooler or hotter days. If you really want to run from the heat, book a long-term Montreal vacation rental and you'll be set for even the hottest months!

Anchorage Vacation

Anchorage, Alaska

The coolest thing about spending summer in Alaska, especially in Anchorage, is that a lot of nights it really seems like the sun never sets! Depending on what time in the season you go, the sky can be bright even as late as midnight. But despite all that sunlight, Anchorage still has gorgeously temperate weather in the 60s or 70s. Don't expect a lot of wind, but the weather is perfectly cool for exploring Alaska's natural wilderness or flying a kite along the Delaney Park Strip. Keep the windows open in your Anchorage vacation home and let that pleasantly cool, surprisingly bright air in all day and night.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Europeans flock to Copenhagen in late summer to enjoy the holiday season there, because the city is full of concerts, parties and cafés all summer long! You'll find rainy weather off and on no matter what time you visit here, but the overcast skies mean cool, comfortable temperatures during the summer. Come to Copenhagen during the concert festivals and meet a global group of people looking to have a good time – out of the heat. And what better way to enjoy the festivals than from a downtown Copenhagen rental condo where you can walk everywhere you need to go?

Sydney, AustraliaSydney Vacation

If you really, really want to get away from the summer heat, then head down under. The southern hemisphere's winter is at the same time as the northern hemisphere's summer, meaning Australians are bundling up while Americans are out sunbathing. Temperatures here generally go no higher than the low sixties, with crisp, cool nights. And Sydney offers a great glimpse into the culture and arts of Australia, like the classic Sydney Opera House. Off the beaten path, leave town and catch a tour bus to the Blue Mountains – one look at the view and you won't regret coming. Make it budget-friendly with a cozy Sydney vacation rental and you can afford to see and do all the great things in town.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another southern hemisphere choice, Buenos Aires boasts cool, slightly rainy winter weather from June through August, with daytime temperatures averaging in the upper 50s. Away from the heat, you'll have an easy time appreciating this capital city's modern shops and clubs mixed with historical landmarks and beautiful parks. If you stay in Buenos Aires rental condos, you can immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy a truly international vacation. Enjoy the urban, multicultural atmosphere and maybe dance a tango or two in celebration of the beautiful weather!

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