Discount Golf Vacations

discount golf vacationsWhy would you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars more to stay in a crowded golf resort that might throw you off of your game because it’s so distracting and noisy? Hotels over-charge you, and they leave you feeling like just another guest who needs to be out by 11 for their convenience, without regard for your convenience, so why not take your money elsewhere? Discount golf vacations are available on for golfers who are serious enough to want to work on their game in the privacy of rental property that will leave their thoughts focused on 18 holes, rather than the other 18 patrons on your floor at a hotel.

So Many Amenities for So Little Money

If you enjoy staying in rental properties that make you feel at home, relaxed, and are quiet enough to think, then discount golf vacations listed on Vacation Rentals’ Web site are the perfect choice. Choose between as many courses and cities as you can imagine, and as many in-house options, like huge HD televisions, private saunas to relax you after a long day at the country club, and heated pools, as you would ever desire. If there’s a golf course you have been dreaming of visiting, its city is most likely listed on, or if you just want to try a new course and a new city, you can select your destination based on the savings! You could save as much as 70% on some vacation properties.

discount golf vacation

Cheap Golf Destinations

Stay in Seattle, Washington, and golf what’s considered the best regulation golf course in the country, the Jefferson Park Golf Course. There are rental properties in Seattle that would suit any budge for your discount golf vacations to Seattle and other cities, so you could find yourself luxuriating in a private hot tub after a long day at Jefferson Park, and enjoying the fine dining and great Seattle opera and ballet shows, if you like!

With nightly rates starting around $130, Lake Oconee in Georgia is a great choice for golfers who want to bring their family along for a vacation of their own while they hit one of the best courses in the country. Nearby Augusta, Georgia has Augusta National Golf Club, which is often ranked as a top-5 range in the United States. Enjoy the beauty and warm blanket of humidity at the Augusta National Golf Club before you retire to Lake Oconee to go boating or swimming with your friends or family. Rental properties in Oconee are gorgeous themselves, and they feature panoramic views of the lake, and the other breathtaking views in that part of Georgia.

Two of the top-10 ranked courses in the United States are both in Pebble Beach, California, so why not book yourself discount golf vacations to one of the beautiful properties in or around Pebble Beach? Stay in a gorgeous Wiltshire estate with your golfing buddies at night, and enjoy the chalet that can sleep as many as eight golf fanatics, for a reasonable price. By day, you can golf at either the Cyprus Point Club, or the Pebble Beach Golf Links Club, both of which are extremely popular and difficult, but worth every stroke that will build your skill up to the necessary level to golf well in either of these clubs. Pebble Beach is a great place to visit for its own reasons, but with the added attractions of Cyprus Point Club and Pebble Beach Golf Links Club, it would be hard to say no to discount golf vacations to California! Save yourself some cash and some peace of mind by booking your next couple of discount golf vacations with!

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