Discount Rentals

discount rentalsIt may be hard to justify a vacation in 2010. After all, money is tight for everyone, and vacations are expensive . . . if you don't know how to find a great discount rental at

The purpose of is simple—make sure you enjoy your vacation as much as possible by keeping you out of hotel rooms and into actual houses that actual people actually live in. Discount rentals may have a low price tag, but that's all that's cheap about them. Hotel rooms can seem so cramped, uncomfortable, and impersonal, severely limiting the amount of enjoyment you can get out of your vacation. It's stressful dealing with crowded hotels, cramped rooms, loud neighbors, thin walls, sparse breakfasts, and an overall lack of comfort. If you're sick of strict check-out times, pet fees, high Internet costs, and the lack of a personal touch, then it's time you got out of the hotel and into a vacation home.

Discount rentals are better than hotels in practically every conceivable area. You have more privacy and a lot more space to call your own. Instead of a hallway to the elevator, you can enjoy a whole yard. You don't have to rely on what the hotel serves you, or whatever fast food and delivery places are nearby—you can make your own food when you have a full kitchen at your disposal. Your family can enjoy separate rooms instead of piling into a couple beds, a pull-out couch, and a cot. Most importantly, you can save big if you know a few simple tricks:

  • When you're looking up the discount rentals in the area you want to visit, try sorting them by rates. Click on Rates in the horizontal menu above the first listing. That will put the cheapest homes up top so you can easily see what falls best into your price range.
  • The key to finding a great vacation home is flexibility. You may have you heart set on a certain home that's right on the beach, but those are usually expensive rentals available. Try looking a little further from the beach and you'll see the prices go down instantly. True, you may have to walk a little further, but your pocketbook will thank you.
  • Also, consider smaller homes. When you're looking at listings in a particular area, pay attention to the amount of people the home "sleeps" instead of just the amount of rooms. There are some two bedroom homes that sleep up to six people! If you don't mind sharing you can save some major green, and still enjoy more room than you would in a hotel.
  • Stay flexible on your travel dates, too. Consider traveling in the off-season. For example, if you're looking to book a chalet in Montana for a skiing vacation, try to avoid the major ski dates—December, January, and February. Consider going in towards the end of ski season, like the end of March or beginning of April. In addition to reduced rates, you'll also enjoy a less crowded ski resort.
  •  Finally, if you can hold off on booking a vacation home the minute it goes on sale, it will definitely pay off financially. The longer a home stays on the market without offers, the more likely it is that the owner will lower the price. It may be challenging to hold off on making on offer on a great vacation home, but if you can stay patient for a while, you'll definitely be rewarded in savings.

Just because times are tough doesn't mean you don't need a vacation. Everyone deserves some time away with the people they love. If you know how to find a great discount rental, you don't have to feel guilty about feeling good.