Dog Friendly Rentals

Do you hate leaving your pooch at home when you travel? Dog friendly rentals are yet another reason why vacation rentals are superior to hotels. Instead of hotels declining your request to bring a pet along or charging you an arm and a leg in cleaning fees to bring your dog, you can relax in the spacious comfort of a dog friendly rental. Many rental owners have dogs themselves, and they know that a family trip just isn’t complete without the final member of the family.

What to Bring

Dog friendly rentals are available across the country. Whether you want to plan a beach getaway to Hilton Head in South Carolina or a mountain escape to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, you will find individual owners that welcome pets in their home. To simplify your trip, remember to bring along your own dog food, feeding bowl, and water bowl. Just because an owner has a dog friendly rental doesn’t mean they will have any amenities for the dog, so bring along a place for your dog to sleep as well.

dog friendly rentals

Where to Go

While of course you want to bring your beloved dog on vacation, you also need to think about the practicalities. If you’re looking at dog friendly rentals in the Great Smoky Mountains and you can imagine your dog accompanying you on family hikes and picnics, then go ahead and bring your pet. On the other hand, if you’re planning a ski vacation at Lake Tahoe and plan on being on the slopes all day, you might not want to leave your pet alone in the rental that long. The nature of your activities will help you decide whether to take advantage of a dog friendly rental.


When you’re researching your next vacation, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Different rental owners will have different rules on pets, such as the number of pets allowed (some owners will limit the number of pets to one dog) and the weight of the pet. Rules are not the same across the board, so if you find something that doesn’t meet your needs, keep looking for a different dog friendly rental. With a little luck, you will find the perfect match for your family's needs.

Dog friendly rentals are sure to take a weight off your shoulders. Instead of asking friends or family yet again to watch your dog, or paying expensive kennel fees, you can bring your pooch along on an upcoming family trip. Dogs will be ideal companions for outdoor adventures. If you’re planning a city break or a vacation that includes attractions such as a theme park, you might want to make alternate arrangements with your dog. Some pet owners who bring their dogs on these types of trips regret that the dog can’t take part more in the family fun.

The beach is another popular spot for dog friendly rentals. Whether you want to snag a place for the summer in Wildwood New Jersey or are looking for a winter getaway to Florida, many beach rentals are dog friendly. Your kids will love taking the dog for a walk on the beach and swimming with him in the ocean. If you need some motivation to get exercise during vacation, bringing your dog along will make sure you go for that morning jog or walk. A dog might also encourage you to take advantage of the private kitchen in your vacation rental instead of constantly eating at restaurants. Thanks to a dog friendly rental, your whole family can enjoy getting away from home!