Food And Wine Vacation Ideas

Food and Wine Vacation IdeasFoodies—that is, people who love food and are passionate about its importance in living a healthy lifestyle—are an increasingly growing population. These days it’s easy to get excited about food, with all the TV shows that showcase fresh ingredients and innovative cooking, and the ability to visit local farmers’ markets and buy fresh from the farm fruits and vegetables. If you’re a foodie, you may want to take the next step and take a food and wine vacation!


California is a great place for a food and wine vacation. Napa Valley is, of course, worth mentioning. From five star restaurants that occasionally bring in celebrity diners to casual eating establishments that look out over green vineyards and rolling hillside, there is certainly no shortage of food and wine here. Visit the famous Robert Mondavi Vineyard for luxurious wine with the price tag to match or the Wine Garage, where the name of the game is to keep bottles to a twenty dollar maximum.

A less crowded and more affordable option to Napa Valley’s lavishness is Amador County, located about forty miles east of Sacramento. This area is quickly gaining a reputation for less expensive but just as high quality wine tasting bars than Napa, as well as friendly people, quaint bed and breakfasts, and beautiful landscapes. Since people are still discovering this fantastic wine country, deals are often readily available. A food and wine vacation, even in prime California wine regions, is possible. can help you stretch your vacation dollars even further with their affordable vacation rentals.

Mendocino County boasts ocean views and salty air, which makes for good grape growing as well as a spectacular backdrop for a food and wine vacation. Livermore is another budget friendly option in California, and Healdsburg, in Sonoma County, hosts the annual Pigs and Pinot event in March, which is a fitting location because it’s where three major wine producing regions connect: Dry Creek, The Russian River, and Alexander Valley. Wine and food can sustain your body, but for a place to rest, check out the wide selection of vacation rentals at

Food and Wine Vacation Idea


If your purse strings are a little looser, you may want to choose Europe as your food and wine vacation experience. France produces some of the best wine on the planet, including, of course, the famous Champagne grapes which create the so-named bubbly drink of celebration. Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Alsace are all lauded wine regions and many popular wineries offer tours of their facilities and tastings of their delicately crafted concoctions. France as a food destination is a given—sidewalk cafes to brie and baguettes on the banks of the Seine with a bottle of wine you purchased directly from the vineyard—it’s a foodie paradise.

You may also think about Greece, Italy, and Spain for your food and wine vacation. Crete, Sicily, and Barcelona are good options when you want exotic food and good wine. In the old country, wine is part of most people’s daily lives, so they take it seriously.


Focus on eating delicious and unique dishes with your traveling companions, and sampling the local wine while gazing at the very vineyards that produced the grapes that made the pinot, chardonnay, or merlot you’re sipping. A food and wine vacation is a wonderful way to reacquaint yourself with why you became a foodie in the first place, and here are some ideas to get you started. Don’t forget that no matter where your foodie adventure sends your taste buds, provides vacation rental listings so you can find the ideal apartment, cottage, house, or condo to suit your needs.

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