Awesome Foodie Vacations

Foodie VacationsFood travel is popular and for good reason. Food can bring comfort, start conversations, break cultural barriers, and make us feel a wide range of emotions from nostalgia to exhilaration. Food is also becoming more political these days, sparking debates about sustainability and health that are making people curious about where their food comes from and encouraging discoveries about new and exciting food possibilities. Foodie vacations are not just for chefs or food industry members anymore. Here are ten foodie vacation destinations that will make your mouth water and teach you a thing or two about what good food really means.

Non-Vegetarians Will Love...

When you hear Buenos Aires, Argentina, do you immediately picture big juicy steaks being devoured by gauchos on a darkening mountainside? Well, maybe not the gaucho part, but the beef in this cosmopolitan city is well worth the trip. Parillas, or Argentine grills, abound and many allow you to walk right up to the barbecue up and choose the exact piece of meat you want. It’s not just beef either in these restaurants. Try the Milanesa, a breaded pork, chicken, or veal cutlet or Argentine pizza, often served with ham under the cheese and green olives on top. Of course, though, you must try the beef. Filet Mignon, short rib, rib eye, and flank steak, all are highly recommended. This is a foodie vacation you can’t miss, especially if you love high quality meat.

Get Your Fill of California

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainability and how your food gets from the farm to your grocery store and ultimately onto your plate, check out California’s wide variety of exciting food adventures. From the ocean to the mountains, California’s geographical diversity is what makes it one of the most agricultural states in the country. Visit an oyster farm near Bodega Bay which also boasts beautiful scenery and over a half dozen excellent farmers' markets within a few minutes’ drive. Eat fresh crab overlooking the calm waters, or slurp clam chowder from a bread bowl while watching sea lions glide through the water. Napa Valley not only has the fabulous wine you’re heard about, but also gorgeous vista views of vineyards and sweeping fields that glow golden at sunset, as well as five star restaurants fit for occasional celebrity sightings and casual lunch establishments. And of course, as one of the most famous Californian cities, San Francisco claims some of the finest restaurants in the country, many of them serving only locally grown produce and proteins fresh from the farm. Any one of these California foodie vacations would be a delicious and educational trip, and can provide the accompanying accommodations!

Foodie Vacations

Southern Soul Food

Charleston, South Carolina is growing a reputation as a considerable force in the foodie vacation line up. Tom Colicchio of TV’s Top Chef raves about Hominy Grill. Check them out for Southern dining at its best for any meal of the day, as well as the local fish shacks scattered around the city. Another fantastic Southern foodie vacation spot is New Orleans, Louisiana. Jambalaya, gumbo, and spicy Crawfish are finger lickin’ good in this rebuilding city. Try Cajun cuisine where it started for the zesty foodie vacation of a lifetime in the Big Easy.

Luxurious Meals

Marrakech, Morocco will fill your mouth with bold flavors like cumin and paprika, tender meats and kebabs, and fresh herbs mixed with grains. Italy as an entire country is its own foodie vacation—try Bologna, Venice, and Tuscany for different regional flavors and highlights. Barcelona, New York City, and Seattle also offer wonderful restaurant selections and seasonal markets full of unique finds. Wherever your foodie vacation takes you, be sure to use to find the ideal holiday lodgings.