Top 10 Football Vacations

football vacation

We know high def is hard to leave behind, but your favorite sport is way more fun to watch in person. Trust us, the commercials are only sometimes funny. So, get up off that couch and plan yourself a football vacation. Football season runs all the way from September to February, so football vacations really run the gamut. Follow your favorite team (Cowboys, maybe Packers?) around the country, splurge in the name of the Super Bowl, or just check out the attractions, ranging from stadium tours to the gift shop at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let’s get right to it, so this writer doesn’t run into overtime…the top 10 Football Vacations:

Lambeau Field

To the Green Bay Packers, home is Lambeau Field. And it’s been that way since 1957. Fans who want season tickets are out of luck, however, as they’ve have been sold out for decades – the current waiting list is already weighted down with 80,000+ names.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

As the NFL’s one and only museum, this a must-see for any sports buff. For the best football vacation, consider a visit during the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival – featuring a 10-day celebration of legendary players and coaches, and of course the induction ceremony.

Qwest Field

The Seattle Seahawks are blessed with some of the loudest fans in America, giving them quite the home team advantage. But it’s not just the sounds of Seattle you’ll enjoy at Quest Field – the views of Puget Sound from this comfy, roof-adorned stadium are even harder to beat than the Seahawks.

Reliant Stadium

Retractable roof: check. Natural grass: check. Rodeo: check. Not only do the Houston Texans play their home games here, but the Houston Livestock Show and Radio is also a mainstay. Check out Reliant Stadium for its breathtaking size, one-of-a-kind features, and lots of non-football fun, too.

Notre Dame Stadium

Whether you’re a fan of pigskin or just the film Rudy, Notre Dame is a hard to pass up. And that’s a good thing, as the updated stadium has room for 80,000 spectators.  

Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl isn’t just another college bowl game. Sit where countless feverous fans have sat before – the Rose Bowl stadium has seen five Super Bowls, two World Cup tourneys, a slew of UCLA football games, and much more!

football vacations

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

For the Florida Gators and their fans, the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is a dream-come-true. Even though it has capacity for nearly 90,000, there isn’t a bad seat in the house – the stands are steep, so sideliners are truly sideliners. However, this is bad news for any college team that comes to “the Swamp” to challenge the Gators: there are often too many enthusiastic locals (read: odds) against them.  

Neyland Stadium

Everything about Neyland is big: the seating capacity, the games, and the view. The second-largest college stadium (University of Tennessee) is located right by the Great Smoky Mountains, so you’ll enjoy plenty of the outdoors while you’re here. 

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

This massive, 220-acre complex is Disney World’s ambitious take on a recreation center. Professional and amateur teams play on the football fields here, but you can get in on the action, too. Now that's a football vacation for the whole family.

Soldier Field

Chicago’s a great base for football vacations, as historic Soldier Field – while small – provides a home to the Chicago Bears and other special events. And of course with the Windy City all around, there’s lots to do besides watch the game.