Four Fantastic Spa Destinations

There's really no better way to experience rest and relaxation than at a spa, is there? And isn't some good, old-fashioned R&R exactly what you look for when you go on vacation? Spend a day - or better yet a whole vacation - at one of these amazing spa destinations.

spa destination

New York City, New York

Among the hectic Broadway shows and honking taxi cabs, some New Yorkers are relaxing in peace and quiet. From the infinity-edge pool, you may not see mountains, but Times Square will do! The Spa at Mandarin Oriental and Bliss 57 are the leading area spas. We know it's expensive to visit a big city, especially New York, so we've got a plethora of affordable NYC rentals on hand.

Palm Springs, California

The best Palm Springs spas include the Estrella Spa, the Palm Springs Spa and the new Elements Spa. The California desert is known for its vast collection of hot springs and top-notch massage therapists, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Do you need some recharging? Then stay in a Palm Springs condo rental!

Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona has an undeniable allure for nature lovers and pleasure seekers the world over. So, that’s what makes Scottsdale spas, which combine the great outdoors with soothing treatments to create a lasting impression on every single guest, so special. Scottsdale offers up a unique assortment of rejuvenating whirlpools, meditation gardens, and innovative treatments, mostly inspired by the city’s Native American history. Vacation has many Scottsdale vacation rentals located near top day spas.

Austin, Texas

Besides the scenic Hill Country and the laid-back vibes of Austin, there’s really just one reason the city’s known as a spa destination: the Lake Austin Spa. The LakeHouse spa has lots of relaxation in store for you – from the sauna to Yoga class, you’ll be pampered and replenished here. Plan your restful getaway to an Austin lake home today.

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