Fourth Of July Rentals

The sun, the barbecue, the drinks, the family, the friends, the lake and, of course, the fireworks. Let's face it, the Fourth of July is essentially the climax of summer—it's downhill from there. So why not make it the best you possibly can? Take a break from the routine while still enjoying all the traditional Independence Day celebrations. Celebrate the biggest day of the year in an exciting, comfortable, and luxurious vacation home. You're to find a great Fourth of July rental right here on Start your browsing today and you'll soon be on your way to the best Fourth of July yet.

Fourth of July Rentals

Fourth of July Beach Rentals

We've got thousands of vacation homes all across the country. If you're looking to spend your Fourth of July in a fantastic beach house on the West Coast, check out what we've got available in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, California. You'll find beach houses galore in our listings, from luxurious, immaculate homes to more cozy, personal abodes. When you're kicking back by the beach, there's plenty to do in town. Art galleries, museums, shopping, golf and excellent hiking and biking trails will keep everyone in the family entertained.

Head to Texas

How about a more central location? Try a Fourth of July rental in Austin, Texas, the hippest, most culturally alive place to be in the Lone Star State. Considered to be the live music capital of the world, music lovers of all skins can find a great show, be it blues, country, bluegrass, alt-rock or jazz. Home of the University of Texas, the young crowds keep the city buzzing with plenty of things to do. If you've got older teenagers in tow, this is a great place to celebrate the Fourth. No one knows quite how to throw a party like Texans.

Book a Vacation Rental, Not a Hotel

So give our listings a glance. If nothing speaks to you, or isn't quite within your price range, make a note of the properties you're interested in and check back later. Owners of great homes have a habit of dropping their rates as time goes on and they get fewer offers. No matter what kind of home you're looking for, you'll find a great deal at Your most memorable vacation lodging is just a click away.

One thing's for certain: you're gonna need something a little more than a hotel balcony to do this holiday right. In fact, you're gonna need way more than a hotel. Why spend your holiday cooped up in a tiny, impersonal room when you could spend it in a cozy, luxurious home that's actually lived in instead of mass produced? Forget about the unlivable, tiny spaces; the single bathroom to share amongst your entire family; the loud neighbors keeping you up all night from across the paper-thin walls; the exorbitant pet and wireless fees; rushing to get out of there by checkout time; or your efforts often being ignored by indifferent hotel staff.

Say sayonara to all that unpleasantness when you spend your vacation in a rental home. This is an actual home that someone's stayed in, so it has the personal touches and quirks that you can't get in an impersonal hotel. Instead of relying on continental breakfasts and whatever drive thrus happen to be nearby, you can cook your own nutritious, substantial meals in a full kitchen. Instead of piling like sardines into a pair of queen beds, you can each have your own bedroom. And instead of waiting in line to squeeze in a shower before checking out, you can enjoy the benefits of multiple bathrooms. Live like a local in the privacy of your own vacation home, most of which are pet-friendly and offer free wi-fi.