Free Museum Day

free museum dayCombine your love of learning, curiosity for all things new, and adventure-seeking spirit with a day at a museum in or near your city. Best of all, this trip will be free! So whether you are an avid museum visitor, or someone who has never been, here is your chance to attend one admission free.

Sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine, once a year museums and cultural institutions nationwide open their doors and offer free admission to readers of the Smithsonian Magazine and those who check out the Smithsonian website. Commonly held on a Saturday in September, Museum Day unites communities and combines education with fun and the charming appeal of an antiquated or modern museum.

Celebrating a broad range of cultures and their given histories, as well as displaying artifacts, the latest technology, exciting videos, and offering world famous exhibits, Museum Day gives you a chance to spend quality time with your family, or take a day for yourself indulging in your interests, or filling yourself with a sense of wonder.

Committed to providing all people exposure to science, technology, nature, arts, travel, and a comprehensive look at history, Smithsonian Magazine ensures that all museums involved offer the best-educated perspectives, interactive exhibits, and dynamic displays. So you can be sure that a trip to your city's museum will occupy your mind, please your senses, inspire your spirit, and even involve your hands as create and explore.

So go ahead and welcome fall by spending a day participating in Smithsonian Museum Day. Free, easily accessible, and with so much to offer, there is no reason why you would not plan a day of enjoyment and exploring. For your convenience, you can search online for participating museums near you.

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