Getting the Most Value out of Your Vacation Rental

affordable family vacationThere are plenty of advantages to vacation rentals – privacy, space, and convenience – but one of their best selling points is how they can contribute to an affordable family vacation. Many families these days are traveling on a budget, but that doesn't mean you can't bring your dreams to life. Save money for things you really want or need – tickets to Disney World or lift tickets to ski – by spending less on your affordable family accommodations, like a Disney vacation rental or a Vail ski in ski out condo

So, you've probably heard that vacation rentals are one of the best ways to take a cheap vacation, but how do you maximize your savings? If you've decided to rent a vacation rental and want to get the most out of it, you can save money in several ways.

If a vacation rental is the budget-friendly solution to your family vacation woes, know that you can get even more value out of your rental home. Follow these suggestions and you can cut down on costs without cutting corners.

Share it with others.

If you've been trying to save up for the perfect family vacation but your finances are just not cutting it, consider splitting the costs with friends or family. Many vacation rentals offer privacy (the joy of having your own room!) and plenty of space for a large group to get away from each other, while still saving money compared to the costs of hotel rooms. Splitting the bill with other people means everyone saves money, and a vacation rental gives you enough space that you can get out of each other's hair.

Eat in, not out.

Vacation rentals usually have fully equipped kitchens, which means that you can cook for your entire family for no more money than you'd spend eating at home. Just pick up groceries yourself or have them delivered by a service that caters specifically to vacation renters. If you're going to be gone during mealtime, you can even pack a picnic or snacks rather than eating at overpriced on-site restaurants. Dishwashers make cleanup easy. Celebrate being on vacation somewhere new by checking out local farmer's markets for regional items you won't find anywhere else.

family beach vacation

Stay near the attractions to save on parking or taxi fees.

Try to find a vacation rental that's very close to what you want to visit (near the beach, on the slopes in a ski in/ski out condo, or in the very center of town). If you can walk where you're going, you won't have to pay to get there. Similarly, if you stay in a larger city (like a New York City vacation condo), avoid the cost of expensive parking and rely on local mass transit systems. If you plan carefully ahead of time, you can take advantage of alternate forms of transportation and save that money to enjoy the rest of your vacation!



Pack light and do laundry at your vacation rental (if laundry facilities are available).

With an entire family's worth of laundry, visiting a laundromat could take a huge chunk out of your budget – money you'd much rather spend on fun things. Because vacation rentals are usually someone's home, they often come with a washer or dryer either in the rental or, if it's a rental condo, in the condo or apartment building. Save your quarters for rides at the amusement park! Plus, if you pack lighter, you'll save money on the cost of luggage, not to mention leaving space for other essentials (or souvenirs). Just make sure to double-check before booking that your vacation rental includes laundry facilities.



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