Golf Vacation Deals

golf vacation dealsYou can find great golf vacation deals if you look online at, because on Vacation Rentals, you can browse by deals, rather than sifting through all of the listings on the entire website. The benefits of staying in golf vacation deals that are listed on Vacation Rentals, as opposed to staying in a hotel, are abundant and apparent! Why would you want to stay in a crowded and noisy hotel when you could stay in a peaceful beach house, a lovely penthouse condo, or even a gorgeous cabin in the woods? When you choose not to stay in an over-priced hotel, you are saving yourself money, sanity, and possibly your health, because in hotels, people filter through as quickly as golfers at the first hole.

If you stay in a rental property, you could enjoy the privacy that a gated community affords its tenants, and as an added bonus, you will feel as dignified as a local, rather than spending your vacation in a hotel that treats you, at best like a guest, and at worst like just another number. Who needs the distractions of crying kids in a lobby? Keep your mind on the game, and shop for golf vacation deals in advance so that you can book a vacation that will give you luxury and rest.

Anywhere you would like to go in the United States for your next golf excursion, and possibly abroad, probably has nearby properties looking for renters like you. Save as much as 70% on select rentals, or earn freebies like boat rentals, free wine, and gourmet coffee, or a bonus night in your favorite golfing destination. Your rental could have a private, heated pool or a hot tub on a balcony that overlooks snow-capped mountains. Stay in a cabin in the woods and follow the winding dirt paths on long, satisfying hikes after your day at the country club. Some golf vacation deals may include huge HD TVs, large kitchens that you can use to stay-in for meals, and save even more money, or European flower gardens.

golf vacation deals

Cheap Golf Destinations

When you are serious about saving cash, book your golf vacation deals on, and you will enjoy the rising sun over the first hole, as well as a low nightly fee for your accommodations. In certain popular golf destinations, like Pebble Beach, California, nightly rates are often featured as low as $50! So, now you can afford to go no matter what your budget is, and enjoy amazing golf vacation deals.

San Diego, California is another popular destination for golf vacation deals, because there are so many courses, and so many accommodations on, that you will never lack for opportunities! Also, in San Diego the rest of your group or family can enjoy warm beaches, SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and fine dining and shopping. San Diego is a great choice for golf vacation deals, and it is close enough to the border for a day trip to Tijuana! So, after you have golfed the 18th hole, and you have enjoyed the private sauna in your rental beach house, know that the next day Tijuana and Mexican cuisine is just a few hours away! Or, stay in, and hit balls into the ocean.

With Vacation Rentals, anyone can afford a much needed retreat from life. Everything is possible with nightly rates as low as $27 in some cases, or 70% of fabulous, luxurious houses. Why not get started perusing the possibilities, and tomorrow you could be measuring the yards between the 2nd and 3rd hole against the wind velocity, with nothing else on your mind!