10 Tips for a Successful Group Vacation

Group Travel Planning Infographic

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group travel planning infographic

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With a little strategy, you can turn a group vacation into an ultimate getaway, whether it is a family reunion, business retreat, bachelor party or holiday gathering. Once you've chosen a destination - from Miami Beach to the Outer Banks to Gatlinburg - make sure to book a comfy group vacation rental for your stay!

1. 1 Month Before Trip

  • Find a destination people can get to easily without breaking the bank.
  • Think of your group members' desires. Does everyone like to ski? Is shopping or hiking an alternative?
  • Book the vacation rental far in advance so folks can plan around the date.

2. Get the word out!

  • Make a web site, blog, or Facebook page so everyone can share trip ideas.
  • Exchange email addresses (for sending shopping lists and meal suggestions) and cell phone numbers.

3. Track costs

  • Keep receipts, in case contributors ask about purchases.
  • Use group discounts on airfare and at your destination's attractions.

4. Your Group Vacation Rental

  • Find a vacation home with ample amenities and space so no one feels cramped.
  • Some rentals are equipped with a grill, pool and bikes (don't forget your helmets or other essentials).

5. Create Committees

  • Don't overpack. Everyone doesn't need to bring sunscreen, for example.
  • Assign groups responsible for food, travel arrangements, games and photography.
  • Make sure that the work load is evenly divided so no one is over-burdened and grumpy.

6. Who Cooks and Cleans?

  • For those in the cooking group: have each person cook his or her favorite meal on different nights.
  • Rotate the chores so everyone can contribute to the rental's cleanliness.

7. Time Well Spent

  • Have adults take turns watching the kids so parents get some free time.
  • Consider everyone's input for the itinerary. Include flexibility so folks can pursue their wants.
  • Honor those who want to relax. Find someone else who has the same activity level as you.

8. Be Prepared for Emergencies

  • A well-stocked first aid kit is essential
  • Make a list of area emergency contacts, like 24-hour pharmacies, and urgent care facilities.

9. Memory Maker

  • Make a point to visit with those you haven't spent time with in the past.
  • Be willing to experience new foods, music, sporting activities and outings.

10. The Take Away

  • Groups will have a variety of travel personalities. You may not be able to please everyone.
  • Make the most of your time together during this memorable trip!

To help with your group travel planning, check out these fun facts about group travel:

Favorite Time to Take a Vacation:

  • Summer: 48%
  • Fall: 22%
  • Spring: 18%
  • Winter: 12%

Top Vacations by Category:

  • Beach: 35%
  • Romantic: 19%
  • City: 12%
  • Outdoors: 12%