A Guide to Holiday Rentals

Celebrate your favorite holiday by uniting family and friends under one big roof, or make sure there’s not a person in sight to disrupt your peace and quiet, with a holiday rental. Here are some holiday rental ideas to get those gears in your head turning. 

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Halloween Holiday Rentals

October 31st

To get sufficiently spooked, leave the comfort zone of your hometown and chase down the nation’s creepiest ghosts and haunted houses! But even if you’re looking for family-friendly silliness, rather than scariness, you’ll find no shortage of fun Halloween vacation destinations.

Disney World is exciting this time of year; New England’s great if you want to squeeze in some quality leaf peeping; and New York and Las Vegas throw some buzz-worthy bashes. As the Day of the Pumpkin nears, why not consider holiday rentals in Orlando, Maryland, New York, or Las Vegas?
Thanksgiving Holiday Rental


Fourth Thursday in November

Maybe you’re visiting a relative’s neck of the woods and need cheap (but still cozy) accommodations. Maybe you want to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in person for once! Don’t forget, Chicago and Miami boast some phenomenal parades as well. Or maybe you just want to take it easy and explore the fabulous fall foliage of the season. Your Thanksgiving Day lodging choices include Plymouth, Massachusetts holiday rentals that will make you feel like a colonist, Denver cabins that will center you in Colorado’s best winter weather, and New York condos that will give you the perfect view of passerbys, like the Charlie Brown float! Something’s going on in every nook and cranny of the United States on Thanksgiving, so November holiday vacation rentals aren’t hard to find.


December 25th

Dive head first into the Christmas spirit or get as far and away from it as possible with holiday vacation rentals. If you’ve already requested time off from work this December (or plan to), why not make that time off really count with a unique and surprisingly affordable holiday vacation rental? From Christmas-perfect destinations like Santa Clause, Indiana to snow-white ski resorts like Winter Park, Christmas holiday rentals are located all over planet earth. Find family fun in Disney World or romance in the Bahamas; the only common denominator is a great holiday rental.

New Years Eve Holiday RentalsNew Year’s Eve

December 31st

If your New Years resolution is to save money, make your first vacation of the year budget-friendly! With holiday rentals, that’s easy to do and you won’t sacrifice an ounce of excitement or luxury either. Find a New York holiday rental near the annual merrymaking in Time Square, or bring in the new year with festive Parisians in a picturesque Paris villa. Parties are happening all over the world; all you have to do is track one down! Don’t overlook a more peaceful and private getaway however; it’s okay if the days blur together in a Caribbean beach condo.

Valentine’s Day

February 14th

A holiday rental for Valentine’s Day is the best way to reconnect with your honey. Make Valentine’s Day a two or seven-day affair and get away from the boss and the kids for as long as needed! Romantic hideaways range from small-town bed and breakfasts to luxurious condos to cozy mountain cabins. A homey holiday rental in Hawaii is ideal for an impromptu second honeymoon, and a dreamy Blue Ridge Mountain cabin secluded from all the stresses of the outside world will make it easy to feel like a couple again.

Mardi Gras

February, the day before Ash Wednesday

If you’re headed out of town for Mardi Gras, there’s a good chance you’ve got your sights set on New Orleans. Indeed, a New Orleans holiday rental in February means a good time for all! However, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida always puts together a caliber celebration, so don’t rule it out if you’ve got kids to entertain. Mobile, Alabama holiday rentals are another family favorite; after all, Mobile is the original king of Mardi Gras festivities in the States. Finally, don’t forget that a Rio de Janeiro Mardi Gras is always over the top.

St Patricks Day Holiday Rentals

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th

It’s not at all surprising that New York, Boston, and other major northeast cities proud of their Irish heritage do St. Patrick’s Day in a big way. But you’d probably be surprised about how passionate citizens of Savannah, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona can be! The bottom line is you can find holiday vacation rentals with easy access to Savannah or New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. If you really want to celebrate the luck of the Irish, hunker down in an Ireland holiday rental. With the savings that a holiday rental (versus a hotel) guarantees, you’ll feel as though you’ve found your own pot of gold. Just remember to stay pinch-free and pack some green clothes!

Independence Day

July 4th

You’ve probably got your Fourth of July routine down to a tee, but why not change things up a bit with an Independence Day getaway? Feel patriotic in a Philadelphia, Colonial Williamsburg, or Washington DC holiday rental; watch the country’s best fireworks show from the comfort of a New York apartment; keep all age groups feeling giddy at Disney World; or make a festive boat trip out of it off the coast of Florida or Texas.

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Photos by Philip Hay, Matthew David Powell, Phil Hart, and Ann Althouse.