How to Get Frequent Flyer Miles

best frequent flyer programsTraveling by air has all sorts of perks: get to your destination quicker, and even enjoy on-board meals and entertainment. However, perhaps the biggest perk of all is accummulating frequent flyer miles each time you travel. The frequent flyer miles concept is not only customer-friendly but is also big business for the airlines. Here's the skinny on the best frequent flyer programs, and how to get frequent flyer miles.

The Beginning of the Frequent Flyer Miles Concept

The concept of frequent flyer miles for customers was started by American Airlines back in 1981. They developed an incentive program for customers to reward their loyalty. As recognition for customers giving their business to the airlines, the airlines would grant the customer a certain number of free miles for every mile that they flew using their airline service. This was not only an incentive for the customer but also a way for the airlines to enjoy repeat business.

An airline ticket to an exotic or faraway vacation destination can be costly, depending on where you're headed. To enjoy a vacation like that at a reduced cost or possibly even free, a member can use their frequent flyer miles to finance the trip. The advantages are endless, prompting travelers to learn how to get frequent flyer miles. Here are some great tips:

Ways to Accumulate Frequent Flyer Points

1. When you're traveling to cities close by, compare the travel costs by airline and car to see which method is more cost-effective. If the costs are the same or even less, book an airline trip to accumulate the points.

2. Track your airline accumulations on one account for both personal and business purposes, if possible. This allows you to get more points and accumulate the points faster than if you tracked them using separate accounts. If the airlines won't allow you to combine the accounts, merge them if you can.

3. Purchase frequent flyer miles from other customers. The airline has a database of customers who have been inactive for a period. Usually within 36 months, if an account holder's mileage hasn't been used, the customer's mileage expires. Offer to purchase the mileage before then, adding them to your account if possible. The airline's database is protected by privacy guidelines, but you can inquire as to how to go about purchasing these mileage points from their customers. They will direct you on what to do since they are very interested in keeping your business.

Comparing Programs

Each major airline has different policies regarding their best frequent flyer miles programs. They may refer to their program by a different name but the concept works the same way. The airlines use a tracking system to follow the number of miles that the members use. They either award additional miles or match the mileage accumulations from the customers. To follow along, the customers also have legends to use to find out what their rewards will be when they reach a certain level. The tracking can be done manually or online, with tracking online being the most preferred method. Each time the customer uses that particular airline to book a flight, they can see what their tentative accumulated mileage will be after the purchase and usually posts to their account permanently after the trip is made.

We hope we've helped you learn how to get frequent flyer miles. Once you've figured out your travel plans, remember to find and book your vacation rental!

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