How to Get Through Airport Security Quickly

how to get through airport securityPreparation is the key in navigating your way through the airport to get to your flight. Airlines have tightened their security protocol significantly in the last few years. Knowing how to get through airport security quickly and safely is what every traveler needs to know in order to reduce delays and other conflicts. Although each airline has its own method of security checkpoints, some areas are standard with all of them, so passengers can expect the same process when dealing with any of them. And remember, once you've finally landed...make sure you're headed to a vacation rental.

Choose Your Wardrobe Carefully

One of the most important areas to be concerned with in navigating the airport's security system lies in your attire. Yes, what you wear to the airport to get on the plane can speed things up or slow them down. Do not wear items that will set off security alarms and delay your boarding time. Things like body jewelry, body piercings, belt buckles, hair clips, shoes with metal parts and even under-wire bras can set off the metal alarm detectors as you pass through the gates. Either leave these things off when you're getting dressed, or pack them into your carry-on luggage for safety.

Avoid wearing shoes with metal parts since they can also trigger the alarm. Instead, opt for slip-on shoes that you can maneuver without taking up too much time. Be sure to wear socks with the shoes; germs abound on airport floors. Also, go ahead and remove your jacket before approaching the security gate. Empty your pants pocket and jacket pocket and place the contents in the tubs provided so that they pass through the security belt. Don't have pocket knives, nail clippers or metal items in your pockets. They will be confiscated and you will be delayed. Also, pack your cell phone into your carry-on luggage to avoid triggering the security cameras and being confiscated as well. Dressing with lots of glam and accessories is not how to get through airport security.

Strict Guidelines on Liquids and Luggage

how to get through airport security

Anything that can fit into a one-quart storage bag is all that you are allowed to take on the plane in the form of liquid items. The TSA (Transport Security Administration) only allow liquid items in a 3.4 oz. bottle or smaller for each passenger. As you near the gate, have the items out and available for inspection to avoid delay.

Another consideration is the way you pack and what you pack. A suggestion to help avoid security alarms is to pack plugged and wired items weaved in between your clothes in your luggage. Don't pack items together like hair dryers, curling irons and razors. These things will definitely set off the alarm and cause delay. Instead, pack these items between your clothes to act as weights. Layer your travel iron or steamer at the bottom perhaps, and then curling irons and razor in the second clothes layer. Continue with this method until you've packed everything. This also allows security to do a quick glance inside the luggage if necessary without you having to unpack every single item.

Have Important Documents Ready

Have your itinerary, photo identifications cards, boarding pass and any other pertinent information readily available before approaching the security gates. Place these items in an easily accessible pouch for speed and convenience. This helps to avoid stumbling around and looking for important items that you will need.

To ensure that you get through the airline security checkpoints without any additional delays, call ahead to the airline’s customer service department to inquire on security changes or updates to the process. You may also go online to their website to check for updates. Preparation beforehand is the key to a safe and smooth travel experience.

We hope we've helped you learn about how to get through airport security quickly. However, your destination is what matters the most: make it a vacation rental.