How To Save Money For Vacation

save money for vacationWhether it's been a stressful month at work, the kids are getting restless, or Aunt Martha won't stop dropping hints, sometimes it's just time for a vacation. But while Aunt Martha is getting lonelier, you aren't getting any richer. Here are some tips for how to save money for a vacation without breaking the bank--or her heart.

Include Everyone's Input When Planning

If you are planning a vacation for the family, everyone can help decide how to save money for vacation. Plan your destination and activities together so that everyone feels involved. Choose activities that are family-friendly and may offer special packages for families, like Knott's Soak City Water Park in Palm Springs. Many fun activities may be free for children, including hikes or swims in state and national parks, visits to the zoo, or tours at a historical site.

Travel in the Off Season

When you are considering how to save money for vacation, also think about planning your vacation for the off-season, when prices are lower. Ask friends who live near your destination if they know of local discounts or special events that are happening, like fairs or festivals. Events like these usually offer cheap entertainment and add local color to your trip. When you plan ahead, you can usually travel cheaper, too, since plane and train tickets tend to increase in price closer to the travel date.

save money for a vacation

Set Goals

Whether you are taking your family or going solo, plan a budget that will help you decide how much money to save for vacation and set specific goals. Post them on your fridge or in another visible location to remind everyone to contribute.

You may need to set goals to help you spend less money. Think about cutting back on other entertainment for a while. For instance, you could save money for vacation by eating meals cooked at home instead of eating out, or you could play soccer in the yard instead of going to movie. Walk or ride your bike to nearby destinations to save money on gas. Cut out coupons before you shop at the grocery store or, when you buy clothes, shop at consignment or second-hand stores to save money.

You could also set goals that help you earn money. Organizing and holding a garage sale for things you or your family no longer need is a great way to raise money that you can put aside for your vacation. If it is a family vacation, you may be wondering how to save money for vacation with the help of your children. Babysitting, mowing lawns, or pet-sitting are just a few ways that children can lend a hand. Have them put some or all of this money into a family vacation fund. Record and recognize their contributions to keep them motivated.

Above all, be creative as you think about how to save money for a vacation. Success will be sweet--whether you end up soaking up rays on the beach or spitting seeds at the Louisiana Watermelon Festival.

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