Inexpensive Vacation Ideas

inexpensive vacation ideasIt seems everyone's looking for inexpensive vacation ideas. Well, Vacation has always offered up affordable vacations for families, solo travelers, couples, and just about anyone else. So, even if you're new to our cheap beach rentals, condos, and villas, don't hesitate to book. 

Top 5 Inexpensive Vacation Ideas

  1. This one's probably not surprising - stay in a vacation rental, not a hotel. Not only will your rental rate be lower, but you'll get more space and amenities. Plus, it's easy to accommodate a big group in a home - rather than a hotel room - and you can all split the bill! On top of that, with a vacation rental, you'll have a big kitchen to cook in so you won't waste money eating out all the time.
  2. Do your research. When you plan ahead, you'll plan to save. Figure out where the best and cheapest restaurants and shops and attractions are, and give yourself time to comparison shop!
  3. Travel during the off-season. If you're headed to the beach, try not to go during Spring Break. If you're going to Disney World, try not to go during one of the theme park's major events. Again, if you do your research, you'll know when the best time to visit is. You'll save tons of lodging and airfare traveling when other people aren't. Note: just because you're traveling in the off-season doesn't mean you'll have to deal with bad weather!
  4. Impromptu travelers can cash in on awesome last minute vacation deals! In fact, if you're open-minded about your destination and simply want to get out of town, why not choose your destination based on the best last minute deal?
  5. Where you go matters. Try SeaWorld instead of Disney World or Austin instead of New York City. You can have as much fun in a mellower town as you can in a major one; just do some researching and you'll find a great match for you and your group.

We've got the most affordable vacation accommodations all on one site. Whether you're looking for a Miami Beach condo rental or a Cape Cod cottage or a Boston apartment rental, we've got many cheap lodging options for you to mull over. On top of the 'by default' savings, owenrs are always offering up extra special deals!

At this point, you may be thinking that Vacation's inexpensive vacation ideas are either boring or too-good-to-be-true. After all, don't you have to spend lots of money in order to enjoy a luxurious getaway?

Fortunately, our vacation rentals are typically very big, very luxurious, and packed with awesome amenities that will keep you entertained and pampered throughout your vacation. However, because they're not a part of some big hotel chain, you'll benefit from reasonable rental rates - not to mention the experience of staying in a "homey" living space.

Fill Yourself In

Once you get to your destination, Vacation is still around to help you save money. Our online travel guides will give you all the skinny on what restaurants to eat at, how to get to the airport, when to visit, and of course, what to see and do. If you're not sure where to go, we've also got suggestions for you! And considering that we live, eat, and breathe travel, you know our suggestions are good. To get your creativity going, browse our many vacation ideas.

Despite all the resources we provide, you're probably in search of some specific inexpensive vacation ideas. Sure, it's cool to know about how to do Vegas on a budget or how to take advantage of last minute deals. But what are some general, universal rules of thumb?

Still need some help? Browse our inexpensive vacation ideas and then browse our accommodations. It can't hurt to look, and who knows?  You just may book your dream, but cheap vacation today.

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