International Travel Advice

International Travel AdviceWhether you are trotting the globe for business reasons or just looking to relax in a exotic locale away from home, it is always good to know what you can do to make any international trip safe more enjoyable and, above all, more memorable.

Before you board a flight to your next destination, here's some common sense international travel advice that will make your next trip go how you planned and help you enjoy it rather than stress out about it.

Tip #1:

Leave extra copies of your visa, passport and other important travel documents with family or neighbors you trust. Losing those documents in another country can quickly zap the fun out of any vacation abroad, and it can make returning back home an unnecessary chore.

Tip #2:

Be aware of the local laws and customs wherever you go. One piece of vital international travel advice is knowing what not to do if you don't want to spend the bulk of your vacation behind bars. Have fun, but be familiar with laws and customs which may differ from what you are used to living in the United States.

Tip #3:

Contact the state department to let them know when you are traveling abroad. This is practical international travel advice. Many countries -- including the United States -- encourage citizens traveling abroad to register with government authorities because it allows your local embassy know you are in a particular country.

Tip #4:

Get extra cash from the bank: tens, twenties, and hundreds. Sometimes, your debit card or credit card will not work in other countries. In those situations, it's always good to have extra cash on hand for emergencies that arise.

International Travel

Tip #5:

Avoid the expensive hotel chains. You might think that staying a big name hotel is secure and comfortable. The reality is it highly expensive and many hotel chains have hidden fees on everything from phone calls to Internet service. A piece of good international travel advice is to check out for cheaper vacation rental options.

Tip #6:

Take walking tours of locales in the country you visit. What is the fun of going somewhere if you don't get to experience all of the good things about that place? Find out where tours are offered and join up with one. Whether it is a medieval castle or the ruins of a Greek building, heeding this piece of international travel advice could add some pleasant memories to your vacation abroad. Check out some of the destination guides at to get an idea of good locales to visit before you go.

Tip #7:

Soak in some local color. You want to know what life is like in Brazil? Or in Spain? Or in Italy? The best way to find out is to seek out a local event and join in the fun! Go to a festival. Attend a concert. If you are an athlete, participate in a local race.