Large Group Cabins

Large Group CabinsAre you planning a wedding party, family reunion, or some other massive getaway that calls for a huge cabin with lots of rooms and amenities? If so, then you've definitely arrived at the right place! has thousands of homes available in a wide variety, including homes, apartments, condos, villas and, yes, large group cabins.

Park City

If you're still undecided on where you want to look for large group cabins, why not check out Park City, Utah? One of the best ski resort towns in the country has quite a few large cabins available that are perfect for family reunions, wedding parties or any kind of large get-together. One cabin has five bedrooms and is capable of housing up to a stunning 26 people! There's also a pool table, three quarters of an acre for kids to play in, eight-person hot tub, and sun room. What makes this room a steal is the newly renovated theater room, complete with 83 inch screen, ceiling projector, surround sound system and enough room to seat 24 people. What might start as a place to hold a family reunion could soon turn into a yearly family tradition.

Steamboat Springs

If you don't need quite that much space, why not take a look at a beautiful, custom log cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado? This five bedroom, three bath cabin can hold 12 people at the same time, perfect for a large family getaway. Relax in the expansive gathering area or spend a few luxurious moments in the outdoor hot tub, perfect after a long day at the slopes. There's also great snowshoeing, hunting, fishing, and hiking just minutes from the front door.

Large Group Cabins

Cabins Are Bigger and Cheaper Than Hotels

One thing's for sure: whatever you're trying to book a huge cabin for, a hotel will definitely not do the job. If you book a huge group of people in a hotel, the chances of anyone ending up near each other is pretty small. Not to mention the cramped living spaces and impersonal atmosphere that makes staying in hotels the least desirable part of any vacation. Loud neighbors can keep you from getting any sleep thanks to the paper-thin walls separating the rooms. And an understaffed hotel means long lines of stressed-out travelers seeking assistance from the front desk. All in all, not a fun place to be.

That's why you want a large group cabin to keep your whole group together. It'll be like a frat house filled with all your friends and family! You'll be able to enjoy multiple rooms that are close by each other; a full kitchen to cook giant, extravagant feasts; and plenty of room to run around in. You can have a quiet family get together or, if that's unheard of with your relatives, a fun-filled party where won't have to worry about complaints from fellow guests who don't share your sense of enthusiasm.

To find the perfect cabin for you, first decide where you want to stay by clicking on the state and viewing the list of cities with available rentals. The number of rentals will be listed right next to the city in parentheses. Typically, you'll find the most cabins in mountainous, ski-resort towns. When you click on a city, you'll see all the listings that are there, which would be anything from houses, houseboats, condos or chalets. If you just want to see the cabins, choose Cabin from the pulldown menu labeled Property Type on the left side of the page. Also try Chalets if you don't see any cabins listed.

So take a look around at There's a perfect large group cabin for your next big getaway, just waiting for you to find it.

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